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4 Features That Have Been Removed From Runescape

Hey, fellow Runescape players. Today we are looking at the some of the features that Jagex have removed from Runescape. This covers both old school and modern Runescape. This is just for fun, so take a break from looking for Runescape Gold and let us know of any other features that have been removed in the comments section.

4 Features That Have Been Removed From Runescape

Last Logged In

You used to be able to see when the last time you logged into your account was. This was a pretty useful feature as it would let you know if someone had been messing around with your account. Sometimes though this would leak players IP address during live streams so maybe it was a good thing it was removed.


We always thought this was really cool. On the Runescape site, you could check out most of the monsters in pretty high detail. It also leaked a few monsters earlier than intended. While not essential to the Runescape experience, many gamers thought it was cool being able to check out all of the monsters in the game.


This was something that was a great idea. Jagex used Runelabs to get ideas from players about what they would like to see in the game. Some features did actually come about because of Runelabs so, you would have to say that it was quite useful. Jagex stopped Runelabs as the interest started to dip.

Instant Demo

This was a really cool feature and one that hooked many new players. Basically, Instant Demo lets a new player start the game without having to sign up. They could do a few different quests and spend around ten hours or so with the game. It was a great way to trial the game without signing up.

This is just a small sample of the things that Jagex have removed from Runescape over the years. Let us know what things have been removed that you feel should have stayed!

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