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3 Reasons why people quit Runescape

1). Addition of EOC - Runescape(RS) used to be awesome until Jagex added EOC. What made Runescape different from other MMORPG's was their original combat system and how basic it was. I hated how the EOC imitated other MMORPG's. It made Runescape a different game. The day Jagex added EOC to Runescape was the day Runescape was no longer RS.

2). Adding single-way combat zones and new arenas to clan wars - Prior to the addition of single-way combat zones, clan wars was all about strategy. For a small clan to beat a big clan, players in the small clan had to tank players in the big clan. Now it is so easy for a small clan to win. Players in the small clan only need to go to a single-way combat zone, stay there, and 1 v 1 players until a clan war is over. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, Jagex added new arenas to clan wars. What I really hated about the arenas is that they had no obstacles for players to tank around so tankers were basically obsolete in the arenas. These updates killed all of the strategy in clan wars.

3). It is just a game - For me, this is the biggest reason why I quit. Before I had much knowledge about programming I viewed Runescape as a different world. To me, nobody made the game even though I knew Andrew Gower was indeed the maker of the game. I didn't view Runescape as something that was designed. It was a world that was there. Then when I self-taught myself programming and learned more about how games were programmed, I no longer saw RS as a different world. Instead RS was just a different game. Because RS was no longer this mysterious world. It was explainable and I knew how it worked. It no longer fascinated me. And that's the day I lost all passion for Runescape.

3). Real life is more important than Runescape - When I was young I did not have much responsibility in the real world. It wasn't until my later years in high school when I finally gained perspective. Runescape was doing nothing for me in the real world. My social skills were decreasing and my health was getting worse. I will admit though that RS did teach me a lot of skills about markets. I think spending too much time on games and recreation is a big problem for a lot of us. It is easy to waste time on games and recreation. Instead we should use our time to work on real skills.

3 Reasons why people quit Runescape

I remember when I was younger I quit playing RuneScape was because I was a free player ego finished Dragon_Slayer. After that there was little motivation to keep playing. I did spend time trying to grind up skills and make money buy selling rs gold ore at the Grand Exchange but I just got bored after awhile. Though I am thinking of getting back on and starting fresh.

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