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As we all know, offers the most cheap runescape gold, osrs gold, do you know how do they deliver the osrs gold to buyers? Let's check it out through 24/7 Live service!

To most runescape gold buyers, they know how the runescape gold delivery works, and they know how to buy osrs gold through credit card/ paypal etc. as a survey from gamerluck, over 15k+ players purchased osrs gold on in past 4 years, though some of them quit the game, but more joined in. Almost every runescape players want osrs gold, because with the gold, you can buy anything you want in game, equipments, armor, rare items, that's all what we seeking in runescape everyday.

Some of the players want to buy runescape gold online, but they worry about if jagex track the gold trade, and what if jagex ban the account, and some players don't even care about this, they started runescape gold buying and selling since decade years ago. They know jagex would not take action to real players even they claimed buying /selling runescape gold is not supported.

So let me tell you, if you want to buy osrs gold, no hesitate, just do what you want, as long as you don't use bot to train your skills, jagex would not give a word to your gold buying and selling, because they can't figure out if a gold transfer is involved with real world trading or not! After all, there are thousands of osrs gold trading happening between one account to another one everyday, and both accounts belong to 1 player. So jagex has to give up track the gold trading. otherwise they would blow away thousands of loyal customers. they can't be stupid to do this.

Let me introduce you the step to buy osrs gold through

1, select osrs gold, fill your character name (in game display name)

2, check out through paypal (it support credit card/ debit card as well)

3, contact 24/7live service for online supporting.

4, receive your osrs gold at a spot that given by the live support operator.

Got any questions? feel free to contact 24/7 Live service now!

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