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Runescape Gold

According to the sources, recently Runescape has banned around 90 percent Chinese gold farmers since they were using bots to farm the Runescape. They have broken the Game balance that is why Runescape banned their account. This also resulted in increase of Runescape Gold and OSRS Gold price, confirmed a representative of the platform.

When contacted, the spokesperson said, "The RS Gold and Old School Runescape Gold prices have increased a lot because most of the gold farmers account got banned. A high percentage of the banned accounts were from China and broke the rules and balance of game by using Runescape bots. Jagex banned their accounts and that they cannot access the game in future. Since 90 percent accounts are banned, only a few rs players are there who can buy the RS 3 Gold. To keep the runescape game balance perfect and in better condition the step was necessary." Jack further added, "With the help of our site, runescape lovers can enjoy games without worrying about money since we offer currency at reasonable prices.

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