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10 reasons tell you that RuneScape 3 still has a long way to go

I'm actually very disappointed, that none of the real issues with RuneScape 3 in general are being addressed and entirely ignored, Jagex still refuse to fix what's already in the game and instead just throw out more content, it's liking polishing a piece of bad, first you have to remove the bad... Here's issues in RuneScape, Jagex definitely need to adress:

RuneScape 3

1. No Real PvP platform / or official modes(if you wanna PvP in RuneScape, have fun joining an 100+ player elitist guild full of neckbeards)

2. All the Minigames are dead.

3. Not enough mobs in the game(one person can take on a full area of mobs, so if someone has your area, you're literally forced to log out and find a new server just hoping that someone hasn't taken that one either), how to fix you may ask? Simple, add Instance based areas were we can pay in game money and create our own private instances.

4. Small boring world/None of the Cities in RuneScape matter or have any reason to be there outside of questing and a few occasional skill training(Prifddinas and Menaphos are the only fun cities that matters in RuneScape) No random events(a few but they take like 14 hours between each wait)No random bosses.

5. Only a small majority of the content in the game matters and like the other 60% of the world space is irrelevant.

6. NPCs outside of questing have no real purpose and only a few dialogue lines and will walk in the exact same spots over and over again.

7. EOC Combat relies way too heavily on Reaction Speed and Twitch like gameplay that is simply too fast and chaotic, and spamming your abilities /smashing keyboard, hence why Pking in EOC is dead, you can literally be fully geared in T90 gear and weapons in EOC PvP and if you miss a single click or click the wrong ability, you're dead, yup you heard me, one miss click and that 100M RS Gold you spent your whole RuneScape career / life for can be gone in a millisecond , and now it's even worse because you can use your weapon's special ability PLUS A FULL ABILITY BAR!

8. Legacy combat is broken and is unbalanced, level 90s can hit ridiculously OP hits even on people who are like 50 levels higher than them, and the maxed level players are literally immortal since food scales with HP level.

9. Events like Sinkholes and Warbands and other Distractions and Diversions are really fun and engaging experiences so they definitely need a shorter spawn time, currently it takes them way too long to appear, spanning up to 12 or 13 hours for each wait. In other MMOs like Elder Scrolls Online, world events appear every 4-5 minutes or so, I don't know why in RuneScape 3 they take so long to spawn.

10. Cash Shop/Pay 2 Win(get rid of TH and Legendary Pets, should be earnable in game!!!!)

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