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"Free runescape gold" will would make you lose everything

Lots of runescape players get scammed by trust free runescape gold generation cheats via youtube guide. So never ever trust anyone saying free runescape gold, otherwise you may get keylogger and lose everything.

Free runescape gold got very high search in google, and lots of runescape players, especially young kids believe there are ways to have free runescape gold or generation. And in a fact, it's fraud cheats that would stole your account information, credit card, paypal information.

Normally, those generation would let you register with email, set password, and if you do that, it will plant a virus on  your computer, would monitor everything you do on the computer. that may even stole your card information. so you can imagine how horrible. 

To anti-Fraud credit card use, most runescape gold selling sites take policy of verification, which require buyer sent identity photo and card photo to prove the payment legit and authorized to reduce the fraud risk.


so we want everyone realize there is no free runescape gold in this word, if you see anyone saying give away free runescape gold in game, just ignore, if you see youtube guide of runescape gold generation, it is not real, it's fake video that made by cheaters.

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