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Making Tips Of RuneScape [03/01/2014]

Are you out looking for great Runescape gold making tips? Well, I'm sure you have arrive throughout some things which are not quite, what you experienced been after

This has always been a bit of a problem in Runescape [02/27/2014]

The most recent case of this problem is with Devotion, but it's a problem that's been seen across so many in-game runescape items, ranging from the recent buff to Death Lotus Darts

RS Mod Osborne said 120 could be just based on xp above 99 and not raise the level cap [02/24/2014]

If you're going to post without reading, at least see this - Mod Osborne said 120 could be just based on xp above 99 and not raise the level cap

Void knight armor runescape requires a lot of time and effort to get [02/17/2014]

Void knight armor requires a lot of time and effort to get, however it has pretty terrible stats and its outclassed by pretty much every armor set in the game

Runescape Legacy only [02/09/2014]

As a Veteran player of both Castle Wars (CW) and Soul Wars (SW), I feel like I should take advantage of this "Legacy mode" to restore the games I once enjoyed playing through out the years

Old vs New Runescape Combat [02/04/2014]

For the past 2 years we’ve been updating RuneScape dramatically to make our long-lasting, 13-year-old game more engaging for today’s gamer

Jagex Account Guardian Tips Securing Your runescape account [01/26/2014]

In an ongoing effort to help protect our forum users and RuneScape players from being hacked or account hijacked, we have written up a post detailing our recommendations for how best to utilize Jagex Account Guardian

I love the idea of runescape World Events shaping the outcome on what happens on Gielinor [01/19/2014]

There will be a predetermined number every player on Runescape needs to collect or else the volcano wins and Brimhaven will be buried

Ideas on improving runescape eoc [01/12/2014]

I find runescape eoc acceptable, but I also like combat pre-eoc, here are just some thoughts that I have, to improve on eoc right now

Runescape ALCH finder fc [01/09/2014]

In this FC we all work together to find the random events connected to World Event 2 to get extra renown. To help find random events, just find a convoy in your world and follow it

Runescape Queen black dragon hard mode [01/01/2014]

This was how the Queen Black Dragon was before the Runescape EoC

Runescape combat aspect too easy [12/30/2013]

While I applaud the developers for vastly improving this world event, please make the combat epic-er

Rewords after runescape world events [12/18/2013]

This is a small idea that may help the world event and and any future events in general in terms of runescape players that want all rewords but don't want to runescape team hop

Lets consider a runescape situation [12/07/2013]

Player A does not have enough runescape money for top tier gears (Seismic etc) and is utilising a full Subjugation robes and a staff of light as their weapon

Tiger sharks in runescape [11/20/2013]

They require 95 Fishing to catch which, in my experience, cannot be boosted and, when cooked, heal 1900 LP

Husbandry Runescape Skill Breed Animals [11/18/2013]

There is a large gap in our skill sets and our raw materials that we are currently unable to fill - that of livestock and monster-based supplies

The Runescape Curse Of Zaros [11/13/2013]

This miniquest will take people into dangerous parts of the Wilderness. Beware of runescape player killers and that you can not teleport after level 26 wilderness.

Runescape Koschei Troubles [11/11/2013]

Runescape Koschei the Deathless needs your help to chop down a tree on the Freminnik Provence. The only tool that can damage the tree is the Balmung

Please do runescape kill a god [11/05/2013]

So everyone seems upset at the potential death of Bandos (and less likely, Armadyl) that is coming with the next World Event

A new death runescape system [11/02/2013]

The recent update where players risk to lose 20% charge on their degradeable Runescape Items, unless kept on death, is needless to say not very popular

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