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Who buys runescape bonds

TO buy 1 bond off the GE right away it costs 5.25-6M

You can buy bonds for 4.5 M if you don't mind waiting it out I bought 2 in a 24 hour window but they cost me 4.75M each I have had a buy in for 3 days now at 4.5M and not bought any for that low of a price since the second day after they released the bonds.

Going to world 2 to buy RS Gold and sell bonds on the street it all depends on who is selling and what players are willing to pay. I have seen Merchants trying to sell Bonds at eye gouging prices but most street merchant prices are from 4.5M to 5.5

While Eye gougers are demanding 6M to as high as 8

Over the past 4 days I know friends that can't sell a single bond on the GE if they have a price higher than 6.45M I to tried to sell one on the GE at that price of 6.5 its been 3 days no ones bought it yet.

I put another bond in the GE at 5.75.M It took just over 3 hours to sell

I buy bonds as cheap as I can to use for extending my game membership and if I can get enough months worth of membership I may even use some of the bonds on runecoins.

I've tried to merch a couple but prices are all over the board and unless I can buy them for 4 to 4.5M they just are not profitable enough for me to really take the risk on them. But that is just because of how much the street price is fluctuating..

If GE and street prices would stabilize they may be worth spending a bit more on. But the Bonds cost a lot to convert in order for you to resell them and that eats up a ton of the potential profit in a bond. So unless you can sell them for 5-10% over the GE price which is very hard to do

Bonds just are not worth investing in, in real life not unless you got tons of money in real life to waste on bonds. Maybe if Bonds where selling for 10M each they would be worth the 5 dollars each Jagex is charging

I expect those with giant cash stacks can easily afford the risk but poorer players like my self just don't have the money or the runescape 2007 gold to risk on Bonds

I hope this info Helps

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