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Void knight armor runescape requires a lot of time and effort to get

Void knight armor requires a lot of time and effort to get, however it has pretty terrible stats and its outclassed by pretty much every armor set in the game. Let's look at the parts it currently has;

Helm (for ranged, magic, and melee) 200 points
Robe Top 250 points
Robe bottom 250 points
Gloves 150 points
Deflector (shield) 150 points

As we can see the set is missing the boots and the helmets r for each runescape combat style instead of being hybrid like the res of the parts, all parts have lvl 42 stats whcih is pretty bad considering the effort required to get them. I suggest removing the existing three helmets and replacing them with a single hybrid helmet that has the increased accuracy and damage for all three combat styles, this makes the set slightly faster to get since u only need one helm, obviously everyone would get a full refund should they possess any of those helmets. Another change is addition of boots that the set is currently missing; after those additions it would look like this;

Helm 200 points
Body 250 points
Robe bottom 250 point
Gloves 150 points
Boots 150 points
Deflector 150 points

Now the set would be a complete hybrid set but it still has low stats, however that can be fixed as well; I suggest buffing each of these parts to lvl 50, and adding a possibility of upgrading them with coins.

Each void knight quest completed gives u access to higher lvl version of the armor provided u have the coins and the levels required to upgrade it. Completing quiet before the swarm allows u to upgrade it to lvl 60 for 250 k coins, completing a void dance allows u to upgrade the set to lvl 70 for 750 k coins and finally completing the void stares back allows u to upgrade it to elite, lvl 80 version for 1,5 million coins (the prices r for full sets with shield, parts can be upgraded individually too). U would have to obviously earn the lowest lvl version from the minigame before being able to upgrade them.

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