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Tips on how to not get hacked on RuneScape

Howdy! If you're reading this then you're probably looking on tips on how to not get hacked on RuneScape.

Do you ever get those random private messages of players inviting you to join their clans? Or perhaps asking for a favour? 8/10 times these are always players trying to gain access to your account.

How do you try to avoid your account being compromised?


When a player asks for a favour, treat them as you would normally, don't always assume they are trying to gain access to your account, but be alert because they may use these kind of techniques - things to look out for:

Players asking you to watch their video - NEVER click any links in their descriptions.

Players asking you to join their private server - NEVER trust any java applet from non trusted sites, as these can lead to JAVA DRIVEBYS which will infect your computer with a virus.

Players messaging you in regards to becoming Jagex staff - NEVER trust this as Jagex will message you directly on your accounts messages inviting you to become part of Jagex's staff.

Always keep your anti-virus up to date, if you don't have a anti-virus then you can use AVG FREE for 30 days, when this runs out you can un-install it and then re-install it to gain another 30 days subscription for free, which will keep you safe from browsing sites from infections.

NEVER download programs which you don't think is trusted. 9/10 these programs are backdoored with viruses.

NEVER download programs from youtube. Most programs on YouTube are people trying to infect you with their viruses to gain access to your computer.

NEVER open links from your emails which are not addressed from "@jagex or @runescape" These will be phishing emails, you can always tell a phishing email because you will not be addressed. It will say "Hello player".

NEVER enter your username or pass-word on sites which claim to look like RuneScape, these are called Phishing sites.

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