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Tiger sharks in runescape

For those of you that don't know, Tiger sharks are a high-tier, untradeable food runescape items obtained from the Fishing Trawler. They require 95 Fishing to catch which, in my experience, cannot be boosted (although I may have just been unlucky) and, when cooked, heal 1900 LP.

You can obtain a maximum of one Tiger shark per Trawler, although you usually only receive one every 3-5 trips.

The problem with Tiger sharks is that no one ever uses them - in order to get them you need to have at least 95 Fishing and if you average one every three trips, that's one shark per 35 minutes - over 16 hours to obtain a single inventory's worth.

In order to make Tiger sharks worthwhile, they require a series of rather large reforms, I've outlined four different options below, although the ideal solution would be a combination of all four.

i: Increase the rate of Tiger sharks from the Trawler
For Tiger sharks to be seen as an alternative to much easier to obtain food sources (e.g. Rocktails), they need be much more widely available, I would suggest 20-50 per Trawler, with a Shark's tooth necklace increasing that rate to 40-70.

ii: Make Tiger sharks tradeable
A massive turn-off for a large percentage of players is that Tiger sharks have to be obtained yourself, making it simply not worth their while to fish and cook them. If the above suggested rate was implemented, this would be much less of a problem, although making them tradeable as well would massively help boost their usage.

iii: Increase the amount they heal
Tiger sharks currently heal 1900 LP, that's a mere 40 LP more than Rocktails - simply not worth bothering with. My suggestion would be around the 2000 LP mark (so as not to encroach on the 2100 of Rocktail soups, yet still being significantly better than Rocktails).

iv: Add Tiger soup to PoP
This could heal anywhere from 2300+, it would become the best healing food in the game.

Interesting post Loggy C, I picked the numbers rather arbitrarily, but as long as they're high enough to make it vaguely worthwhile it doesn't really matter what they are.

Going by your 5k/shark estimate, 40-70/trip (12 minutes), we're ranging from 1m to 1.75m per hour, I wouldn't have thought that was too overpowered, considering it requires constant attention, level 95 Fishing and a rare item that normally takes 100+ Trawlers to obtain, the XP/hour would be pretty abysmal too (at the moment you tend to get about ~700 XP per 12 minute trip).

Without the necklace (20-50/trip), you'd be getting between 500k to 1.25m per hour, and these rates are assuming no failed trips and no time wasted during trips. As I mentioned before, I'm not really against lowering them, I just don't think getting a maximum of under 2M/hour is too much for a level 95 skill - it'd definitely breathe some life back into the Trawler.

(For comparison, 10-40/trip would be 250k to 1m per hour)

Kakamile, the problem with keeping them rare is that they have to be available in large quantities for anyone to bother using them; no one wants to spend 16 hours getting 28 fish, no matter how good the fish are.

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