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This has always been a bit of a problem in Runescape

We need to stop with the panicky "over-correction" of ingame content. It's bad for the game, it's bad for the players, it's just ridiculous, really.

Now, what I'm sure most of you are wondering, "What is over-correction?" Over-correcting is the act of "fixing" a mistake by jerking yourself towards the solution, but overshooting it to such a degree that you cause another mistake. It's a common driving term, where people, who aren't paying attention, almost drive off the road, turn the wheel too sharpy, and drive into on-coming traffic, ironically resulting in a worse disaster than if they had simply done nothing.

The most recent case of this problem is with Devotion, but it's a problem that's been seen across so many in-game runescape items, ranging from the recent buff to Death Lotus Darts, to the nerf of Soul Split and Demon Horn Necklace early last year, to changes to boss mechanics.

This kind of recklessness really needs to stop. I mean, you HAVE to know something is wrong when the "Jagex nerf" term is applied almost universally to every change made in game with scathing criticism.

What can be done?

Simply put, a little more restraint needs to be put into the correction process, and it needs to be done in a FAR MORE timely manner. Let's look at Devotion. From its release, it was plagued with the oversight/bug (and I dare anyone to call it anything else) where it would not be negated by the Kalphite King's green attack, a move that deactivates all other active abilities when performed. While the ability itself, whether it was overpowered or not, was more subjective (although it was definitely broken for PvP), we can all safely say that the KK issue needed resolved. However, this problem wasn't addressed until THREE MONTHS later, and with this address, an absolutely massive nerf to the ability itself.

This wasn't just any nerf, though. It was a nerf that can be numerically compared to a 600% reduction in effect (25% time active, 50% longer cooldown), not counting the, considered mostly useless, time extending ability.

There was no middleground, there was not testing what changes would happen as a result of this. As it currently stands, 5 seconds of damage resistance will only ever block two attacks, assuming you time it right, thanks to the Game Tick system. In order for you to gain additional time for this effect, you would have to activate it the moment before you kill an enemy, then kill it with a single attack. For 15% of your adrenaline, this is just silly.

Another example was the (now reverted) increased spawn time of the Dag Kings. They went from slow enough that many people were forced to wait between kills, to so fast that they made fighting them a nightmare for most players. Try making them spawn in the middle of those two time periods, people might enjoy the results.

There's a simple fix to this issue of overcorrecting, however. All you do is make changes in progressive increments in a TIMELY MANNER. Within the first week of people realizing that Devotion was not working as intended at Kalphite King, it should have been fixed. If people still deemed it overpowered, then reduce the time the ability was active by 5 seconds, or reduce the damage negation to 75% and keep the full 20 seconds. It was, still, deemed too powerful, then weaken it again by an additional 5 seconds.

Ultimately, you guys cannot keep "fixing" in-game content the way you have been for quite some time now. Jumping from one extreme to the other doesn't solve anything, it simply creates a different set of problems. I realize obtaining true balance is difficult, but that's why making small, incremental changes and giving a small waiting period to see how it plays out will always work better than massive game-changing nerfs/buffs.

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