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The recent runescape game

* This is not an attack on Jagex
* This is not an attack on any type of player
* This is not an attack on Solomon, or Treasure Hunter
* This might read like an emotionally attached, concern filled, mope fest :)

Everyone has an opinion, whether...

Detached (Meh, who cares, I just play, all this doesn't concern me or what I do in-game)

Attached (You're ruining the game, you've lost your identity, you sold out, you only care about money)

Angry (Remove the Squeal!/TH!, Stop putting in-game advantages as microtransaction only options!)

Then there is me, sad. Not crying sad, more varying degrees of disappointed, confused, and ambivalent. If Jagex needs microtransactions to support the game, and they feel if they don't it won't last, then continue on. If they feel they need to make it feature heavy by even going as far as adding things (like the Magic Golem outfit) which give advantages that would be better served as in-game rewards (while I don't agree they should do this, at all) if enough players don't rebuff it, it'll continue passing. So what can I/we do.

There is an increasing number of runescape players who are growing tired of not being listened to, being ignored, having their game changed. Other players criticize these players as being too serious, but RuneScape isn't just a game, it's a massive amount of time for some people, most players actually. That time spent keeps them both loyal, to even the most upsetting changes, and desperate at the constant back and forth of: Do I keep playing a game I enjoy/enjoyed, because I've invested so much time into it (and for some, now runescape money) or do I let go because I feel I'm being ignored, me and many other players?

It's a conflict. In the end, Jagex AND the players are the community, they are the whole sum of RuneScape, if there isn't communication other than just voting on features, how will this ever continue to be our game, both the content developers, and the players?

It isn't like I have a solution. It's just become a formula.

Action: Jagex introduces something for Solomon/TH..
Reaction A: I want this, I hope I get it with my members spins! (End: I got 1% of it, darn)
Reaction B: Really? Something else for those with money to gain advantage over us loyal players, seriously Jagex. Come on! (End: A growing weariness)
Reaction C: Bought it (End: Sort of what Jagex wants, if you're honest with yourself)

I've never had issue with in-game decisions, some are bad some are good, some have no significant impacts, some created very terrible bugs, some seemed to change something no one even noticed needed changing lol... and so on. Yet they are developer decisions, game decisions, sometimes player based or suggested decisions, while not all of them are welcome, I don't really get bothered by these as much.

We will never play a RuneScape free of microtransactions again, this we must accept. I just worry about the inconsistency.

The Golden Mining Suit, is in-game content. You had to be lucky enough to get the set using the LFM.

The Magic Golem Outfit, is 100% microtransaction, you have to purchase only the ability to attempt to get it, it's not even a certainty.

I don't know of a player who is OK with this being the only option. I know many players don't care, some are bothered, and some hate it, but who actually thinks this is a reasonable method for obtaining very good ideas for content?

It isn't Solomon or Treasure Hunter that bothers me. I understand their purpose. It's I'd rather PLAY the game to obtain things, as has always been the case, than to be forced to purchase my progress.

I've gotten plenty of cosmetic things since it's introduction. It isn't like I'm against having fun extra things if you really want them. I just am starting to feel disappointed more and more of the game is becoming purchasable, rather than playable. More and more, excellent content is in the display windows, and not in-game.

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