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Runescape interface feedback list

1. Get rid of the drop list and bring back OPTION STONES. The drop list system makes finding a tab very awkward and inconvenient. The option stones were much more user-friendly. You could simply click a option stone once to have access to what you needed. With the drop list, it just makes accessing what you want harder than it should be.

2. Allow for tabs to be dragged and placed on top and bottom of interfaces. This would allow players who are forced to play on low settings more freedom. If you have tried the NIS on the small screen option, you will see how limited you are. The yellow arrows to click over to the next section of tabs just makes things very inconvenient.

3. Make the action bar minimize downwards.Having to drag the action bar down everytime you minimize it to save room is just annoying.

4. Add a filter option for magic spells and prayers/curses. This would allow players to have quicker access to what they really need.

5. Add back the option to equip gear without having to close the bank. Why on Earth was this removed?

6. Give an option for players (the ones who pay Jagex's staff paychecks) an option to use the RS2 interface. We were told this is the year of the player... yet we can't even chose how we play the game. We are forced to play a unresponsive and glitchy system.

I could list countless other issues, but these are the most important in my view. BTW don't say adapt or quit... I know exactly how the NIS works. The simple thing is, that it's just not as user-friendly as the previous system.

The NIS is the epitome of Jagex trying to make the game look pretty by rushing it out and not caring about feedback or what us players think (it's microtransaction runescape money that has them under its spell btw). So yes, the year of the 2 months before they decided to give us a split private chat, something that should've been there since day 1 of NIS. On your list, don't forget something that was around with RS since its launch date: the ability to hover over something with your cursor and show what it is in the upper-left corner of your screen. "Derp I knew we forgot something", yeah right, they can't be that blind and not realize something like that was left out of NIS they just didn't care. It's still not fixed so they still don't care apparently.

Private chat...the best part about the NIS. It now has 3 different buttons vs when it used to be just 1 button (ah yes much more user-friendly). The only reason you would have the 'Online Status' button is to appear offline for pm's. Ok so if you're online you now have to also turn your pm filters back on as well. If your private chat is split that whole tab is now gone including the filter, so you still see friends going on and offline all the time. To turn that off you have to unsplit private chat now, turn the filter back off, so nvm it's like 6 more buttons to press each time...

Anyway, the game is just a big mess of hotkeys, interfaces and buttons everywhere and not hitting 'Enter' before you chat blows it all up. Great job on making this our year Jagex, they really showed it.

EDIT: Oh yeah, Jagex's version of making this "our year" was that last dwarf quest. Yep we got every tiny bit of say in that, did the artwork contests, voted on the chaos giant monster, etc. That's what the year of the players was all about and we finally got it at the last quarter of the year lol.

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