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Runescape divination,what must change

The purpose of this thread is to get changes to Divination and hopefully make it a worth while runescape skill to train

( In my Opinion)
Hello, Divination is they most boring and pointless skill in rs, Training the skill is boring, and it does not benefit me what so ever, yes you can weave your energy into stuff through levelling but there's nothing i can make, that i can't already buy on the GE, or go gather something from another player. I am 61 Divination ( pointless number ) whether i have 1 divination or 90 to me it doesn't really make a difference.

Gathering - Divine Locations
I remember Mod mark saying Divination will be a support skill, the only problem there is you don't have to train it to gather from Divine locations, which grant some serious " free exp and free gp ", I am finding i have been leveling skills through Devine Locations alone, without even training the skill.

Here is an idea of the what you will often get from a Divine box trap:

Total Exp from 1 Divine box trap: 18184 exp ( this is from gathering as soon as one is dropped ), gathered in roughly 30 seconds.

Wealth gained form selling: 31444 ( will be slightly different every time ),

You can gather from roughly 3 Divine box traps per day which means the above exp would triple to 54k free exp.

Compared to other Divine locations there is no point of Gathering from any other location, for example an adamant location will only give you: 2370xp + 50k gp ( Lot's of players only wait for a Divine box trap to be dropped. )

all other High level locations are similar to the adamant Divine location which will give very little exp compared to the Divine box trap, but more gp,

Divine Rune rock Now the problem with a divine rune rock is there are only i think 12 rune rocks in rs, each are hard to access, and with Divine locations you can get 26 ore in 20 seconds, bit op if you ask me.

There is also no point in dropping a devine location as you will get more from gathering from someone elses, I think the player should gain exp in divination from other players gathering from there location.

IDEAS: * please share your own *
Idea #1, Give a Divination Requirement along side the skill requirement this way there is more of a point of training Divination, Making Divine locations not just " Free exp " It will also give me and others a reason to train Divination and give it that Lets Lets give Divination the Support skill status it was meant to be. e.g Adamant Devine location make it require 70 divination, and 70 mining.

Idea #2, Nerf Devine box trap to the same exp rates, as other devine locations.

Idea #3 Make Devine locations expensive to drop, make them take more resourses out of the game then they put in, but make them give decent divination exp for dropping, Obv not too much, and maybe limit how many locations you can drop.

Idea #4 your solution to make Divination a worthwhile skill to train.

I know there is a'lot more issues with Divination please share other div problems and i will quote them bwlow.

To me, I see Divination becoming a skill worthy of the title " skill " only if something like the above ideas happened.

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