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Runescape combat aspect too easy

In light of the recent world event 2, I have just a few observations that I think many people share, and given that I think it appropriate to make properly known some concerns that I have.

For one, the combat aspect is too easy and too infrequent and sometimes isolated.

It is too easy in the sense that ambushers are basically a joke. They are lvl 100. Now I take this to mean that Jagex had in mind ALL players of ALL levels when making the cobat portion. Now, my only problem with this is that it wouldnt reflect a real life situation. Bandos and armadyl wouldnt have cared for someone's combat level, nor would every single ambusher ever be only lvl 100. I am only lvl 141 and I still drop ambushers fairly easily. In the future, please make combat for ALL level players, but that also means that you should make something for mid to higher level players too that can actually kill them. People should actually die for their gods whether npc or actual runescape player.

Secondly, and somewhat related to the above, the combat aspect is too infrequent with regards to pvm. This is a WAR, and it would be cool to have skirmishes happening constantly, and BIGGER ones. I find that many times that I arrive to a skirmish just after I tele to the right place, its over before i arrived, and I am pretty quick. Please not only make combat harder (while still making it acccessible to lower level players), make it more frequent.

Finally, I think that the combat is too isolated at the moment, and being too easy AND being not often enough, in the end makes it fairly easy. Granted, I still enjoy this event fully. Inifinitely better than BoL. In the past, you have been able to duel people (RSC). Bring back some aspect of this in a world event.

I mean this is basically a war between Gods. The Godwars ravaged lush lands and created the wilderness. What goes on now doesn't even scathe the surface.

While I applaud the developers for vastly improving this world event, please make the combat epic-er!!!

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