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Runescape Queen black dragon hard mode

Just putting this idea on here to see if anyone likes my idea i had for a while now, please dont hate too hard if you think its a stupid idea. Creative criticism would be greatly appreciated.

First of all, this would be added as a HARD MODE VERSION of the current Queen Black Dragon, and would not be required to fight the current noob version. This version would add new unique rewards and be a lot more of challenge.

Wish you could tell your friend you managed to defeat the strongest and most ancient dragon in the game and be proud of the honor and loot you receive? This was how the Queen Black Dragon was before the Runescape EoC (Besides the loot).

I wish to bring back the glory of the Queen of all Dragons in a list of changes that would make her more difficult and require tactics/gear that would make the loot worth much more than it is currently.

Some of my ideas to make her more difficult and a few new rewards are:

1) Make her normal naturally Dragonfire more powerful and have a new ability. The new Dragonfire would be able to penetrate antifire protection via potions more than it can now. You will need a Dragonfire shield AND super antifire potions AND protect/deflect magic to provide the same protection as super antifires do currently. This would add more use to the Dragonfire shield and make it more difficult to tank her fire.

2)Add a new ability that the Queen can use. There will be a new segmented bar under the current health with a small marker within it. The segments would go yellow-red-violet-blue. This bar would be her Heat Bar. The higher the marker would be on the bar, there would be a new ability and her Dragonfire would hit harder.

New Dragonfire Abilities:

Yellow: Dragonfire now applies a bleed, starting at 5% of max health total bleed over 6 seconds and scaling into 20% max health over 6 seconds.

Red Tier: Her fire can now stun and bind you for 3 seconds, along with the bleed from the last tier.

Violet Tier: Her fire now takes 2 seconds to charge and you will see a graphical representation of her charging her breath (similar to the current super dragon breath attack) but with no messages telling you to run. Her fire now bypasses all and any fire protection you have and deal HEAVY damage (usually 3/4 of your max health bar unless barricaded). The only way to prevent this is to run behind 2 rocks that fall from the ceiling right as she starting charging. placed on the platform at random. This replaces the fire wave attack with a much more deadly and accurate attack. Even after running behind the pillar, you will take 1600 damage.

Blue Tier: You now receive a 2.5 second graphical warning before the fire is unleashed upon you. There will be only 1 rock this time, and if you get hit no matter what gear you have, you are burned to an ashy corpse. You must hide behind the rock or die. Barricade nor any other ability (besides immortality) will save you from this death as this fire is so hot, it melts through even magical protection. After running behind the pillar, the damage will be reduced to 2500.

The bar increases 1/2 each time a dragonfire attack is used. The bar goes down to the lowest setting after a phase is cleared.

3) Instead of grotworms appearing if your slow to click the Artifacts, she will steal 20% of your adrenaline per second and transfer it automatically into Heat for her Heat Bar. If you run out of adrenaline to steal, she will get a full Heat Bar automatically.

4) New melee ability. An area will be selected at random on the platform (3x3) and after a 2 second delay, she will crush the area with her claws. This attack will deal heavy damage (5k+) but can be halved by using protect/deflect from melee.

5)New Time Stop ability to replace the old one as it would be quite unfair as the new dragonfire is extremely powerful, and sometimes the Time Stop attack currently glitches to where you can't see the ghosts. The new attack would throw 1-3 randomly placed bombs similar to the KK's magic attacks, but they would reduce run energy by 25% and deal 2000 unblockable damage each bomb.

6)Even after all these attacks, there one thing you must do before finally putting her back to sleep. You must hit her with a range ultimate using Dragonbane Bolts/Arrows. It does not matter which ultimate you use, as long as it hits as least one during the ultimate.

7)General Combat Stat Buffs: 

Hitpoints PER PHASE:

Current: 36,000

Hard Mode: 66,000

Melee Max Hit (basic attack):

Current: 1,500

Hard Mode: 3,000

Range Max Hit (basic attack):

Current: 2,990

Hard Mode: 4,000

The accuracy of her attacks would also be increased greatly, along with her defense.

Xp per kill:

Current: 3,500

Hard Mode: 7,000

These changes encourage using defensive abilities and NOT using berserk, as you will most likely die in one hit if you do.

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