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Runescape Pure Account train with quite less runescape gold

Here the guide teaches you the most efficient method to train Runescape pure account, with quite less cost, very useful and always works.

As most people think pure is very hard to train, as it is 1 defense which would absorb huge damage from the targets, and you would spend lots of time on moving to bank to withdraw food around. So i m sharing the best place to train runescape pure with quite less runescape gold, here a example: i got 50 attack, 62strength, 1 def, i make 35.5 K xp per hour at Crabbers.


Rellekka North east, West area of Keldagrim entrance, those rocks, level 14, with 50HP, 200XP ea, and they give you quite low damage. The bad news is there are lots of bots there, they take most of the crabs. but If you don't care about ban risk, you can use bot too, i got this oldschool crabs bot script, if you are interested to get one, feel free to contact me through email at

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