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Runescape Pile Jumping Timer

Following recent player feedback we have just hotfixed in a PJ (or Pile jumping) timer.

Pile jumping is a method of player killing that involves taking advantage of a player who is potentially low on health, healing rs items and adrenaline, by attacking them after they have just been in a fight. Pile jumping is a problem that is commonly reported to us and as of today it should be a thing of the past.

After killing a player in single way wilderness you will gain 10 seconds of immunity from runescape players. This should give you time to heal up and begin looting before another player can attack you.

This immunity will clear if you:

1) Wait 10 seconds

2) Enter a multi-way area

3) Attack another player

When the timer is put on you and when it is taken off you will see a message above your head and in the chat box.

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