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Runescape Penance King Guide

Round starts like normal, except the cannons are moved to the south-east and south-west corners of the room. There is a poisoned meat dispenser and item deposit at the west wall, and vents and anvil to the east.

After some time whether or not all penances are dead, the stairs to the cannon will be locked, kicking out anyone inside, to the bottom of the stairs. The penance king will then spawn after about 5 seconds in the middle of the room. The penance king and spawns both move at walking pace. The penance king will have up to 5 spawns at a time that respawn right next to him every couple of seconds. These explode dealing 25% max lp of damage with a 3 square radius, explosions triggered by time (~30 secs), when you are within range melee distance or attacking them. The king will have one target at a time and will hit 25% max lp every ~5 seconds if you are within melee distance, increasing by 12.5% each time he is stunned. The king will change his target roughly every 5-20 seconds, and attacking him is likely to capture his attention. Standing underneath him deals no damage if you are not his target.

The team must collect poisoned meat (5 taken at a time, holding maximum 10). These may be set by clicking on them for the King to eat. When he does, he spits out scraps that are different for each player, but spawn in the exact same place. He eats only shortly after he says he is hungry, which happens about once every 15-30 seconds. While he is eating, he will not attack anyone but his spawns will still be a danger.

For each role, 5 scraps in total are necessary in order to make flame throwers and for them to become available. These 5 scraps have to be repaired by each role in different ways.

- Healer collects a bucket and must use it on the acid which the king spits out.

- Defender collects hides and must use them on vents at the east wall.

- Attacker collects scraps and must use them on anvil at the east wall.

- Collector collects helmets and must use them on the anvil at east wall.

These 5 repaired items must then be deposited to the west wall. When all items are deposited, a message will appear in the chatbox saying flame throwers are available, and a flame icon will appear in the minigame interface.

All players may now collect flame throwers from the west wall, at the same place items are deposited.

The King is immune hits of all styles, however you must hit him once in order for him to drop a scroll. Each player must collect a scroll and inspect it. The scroll's word will appear in the chatbox. The scrolls must be read in the order that they appear in the minigame interface, 5 in total. They are read by clicking on the word in the minigame interface. Only your own may be read and you must read them in order, otherwise the incantation is cancelled and must be repeated. You will know when a scroll has been read as it will glow blue. There is no time restriction for the incantation to be started and finished. Once the incantation is called, all scrolls are used and must be recollected to stun the King again the same way as before. All penances must be killed before the King may be stunned.

When all scrolls have been read in order, the King will be stunned. Spawns will still be alive and may cause damage if not dealt with. Players must then attack the King with flamethrowers equipped. When all 5 team members attack the king for the entire duration, a little over a third of the king's health is removed, which takes about 10-15 seconds. No clicking is necessary during this time unless you must heal.

Once the time has ended, the King will stomp on the ground, dealing about 3k damage to everyone within melee distance, an avoidable attack.

Every time the king is stunned, his melee attack does about 1k more damage. Since he must be stunned at least 3 times, his melee attack will do about 5k damage after the second stun.

Once the King has been killed with flame throwers, you will see his death animation and the round will be over.

Congratulations on killing the Penance King!

The strategy that I use:

Full team of 5, with 2 healers. Attacker should use a decent mage/range style weapon, however melee will work. All the rest should wear melee tank armour including a shield, except defence who wears an anti-poison totem.

~ Pre-king ~

Defender: After getting your bait, stand next to the pool. Once the correct bait has been called, click on the minimap at the eastern trap while dropping 5 of the two kinds that are incorrect on the way. You should see some diagonal dots of incorrect food on the minimap from the pool to the trap. Once you are at the trap, lay 2 correct food one square directly west of the trap itself. Wait there without moving as runners walk towards you. Each time a new call is made, lay 2 more correct bait on that spot. Once at least 3 runners are standing next to you, and you know no one will be hit by the trap, run west. If you have not been green'd, take a log now and quickly return to the trap and stand at the exactly same location and repeat. Once all runners are dead, use remaining time to fire the cannon.

Collector: Wear good melee armour. Collect and Convert all eggs to red. Stay southwest, near the cannon while still collecting as quickly as possible. Once all runners are cleared, focus on collecting more than firing the cannon.

Attacker: Range/mage works better as the ramp south-west may be used as a safespot. Use AoE attacks as much as possible and try to maximize their damage.

Healer: If other roles are doing their roles well, healers should not be spending the entire time healing. For as much time as possible, healers should be poisoning healers. In order for the attacker to clear the wave fastest, healers should be poisoned to death or until they run away from the attacker, especially if they can be seen healing or close to the attacker's targets. 

Cannon usage: Try to maximize AoE damage as a priority. To begin with, target healers, then rangers or fighters.

~ Once the King has spawned ~

Strategic definitions:

Luring is when you act as the king's target in order to move him. This may be done with or without the provoke ability.

Killing spawns is when you use ranged/mage to kill spawns from a distance.

Calling is when you call the word of your incantation scroll.

Flaming is when you attack the king using your flame thrower.

If the attacker's or healer's role is not complete then one of the healers should lure the King to the pool. Everyone else should go east to the anvil, out of the King's view, preventing spawns from spawning.The defender's role should never be incomplete at this point. If this is not the case, try to solve whatever problems led to this situation.

Everyone should take poisoned meat from the dispenser west at some point, whether it is shortly after the King has spawned or shortly after the room is cleared or any other time.

Using the following strategy, everyone should follow these general points:

- Do not crowd together, try to spread out.

- Do not loot when it is not safe to do so (melee distance of spawns/king is likely), use resonance/barricade.

- Kill spawns constantly, try not to explode them near team mates.

- Help to lure the King away from dead ends, in particular use provoke to save anyone under heavy attack.

- Barricade after the king wakes.

Outline of strategy:

1. Everyone hit the king so that he drops a scroll

2. Lure king east allowing 4 people to loot their scrolls

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