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Runescape Legacy only

As a Veteran player of both Castle Wars (CW) and Soul Wars (SW), I feel like I should take advantage of this "Legacy mode" to restore the games I once enjoyed playing through out the years. Keep in mind that everything I am about to suggest and tell you about is for people who actually enjoy these games for it being fun and competitive. Not just because they "need" to get it over with. Mini-games should be fun and enjoyable to play. Requiring teamwork and effort to win great rewards.

No one plays these games for the sport anymore mainly because these 3 things changed.

1) Runescape Combat system - It overwhelmed everyone and you pretty much had to learn to play the game all over again which took a lot of time. It was a clean slate to everyone and the majority of players did not like it.

2) Combat Exp - This made Runescape Pvp worth doing. Think about it, what do you gain from killing someone in a mini-game if you two are just fighting each other? Its a great way to have fun and train at the same time.

3) Game Play - Things were added/taken out of the actual game play. For example, Auto running around cades for both games (Auto Path). A barricade is meant to stop someone in their tracks not for them to avoid automatically.

Castle Wars

What is keeping CW alive now is mainly afkers who want to get the trim requirement out the way. Other then that it would pretty much be like SW, games barely starting daily. Through out the years CW has slowly been cut down to nothing with all the updates happening to it. I can be here writing pages on what has happned, but I will mainly focus on the big ones. Runescape Eoc and "The Castle Wars Revamp" were the final blow. Everyone who enjoyed the game left, things that were not broken in the first place got changed. What did these 2 bring to CW?

- Auto Path : This is one of the main things that ruined CW. As a competitive player, setting up cades use to mean something. Use them correctly and it could mean the difference between losing and winning. With this people can effortlessly move around these obstacles. They will get to their destination unless its completely blocked off. Doing that would mean setting up more cades in places they should not be and with a 10 cade limit it can hold you back on options.

- The Bar : This brought the difference between experienced players and beginners to the same level. It made CW too easy and no actual skill is required. Having to actually click on something in your inventory and then in the game quickly took a long time for experienced players to develop. The coordination it took to achieve this felt good, knowing you worked hard to set yourself apart from everyone else. The bar took away the CW learning experience on capturing the flag and exploding/setting up cades.

- Stopping the Flag : Ice spells like Barrage or a Zamorak Godsword (ZGS) was a must at CW. It actually stopped a player from running away with your flag. With freedom and anticipation, stopping someone from running away is hopeless and with the auto path, cades don't do much. Making the soul purpose of winning the game an easier task. A close game use to be something like 2 - 3, meaning your defense held up strong and it was challenging to overcome. More teamwork was required to get a score. Now (when people actually play) they look like 12 -13, meaning it is far more easier for just 1 person to score. It is based on who just scores the most the fastest with little obstacles. CW is a team-based game after all.

- Profound/Hybrid : Profound (Prof) armor use to be the best gear for pking in CW, then Hybrid armors. When I would pk in prof, I was able to tank decently and hit very high. So why is it so terrible now? The actual "Buff" to prof did nothing. Yes it made it lvl 80 armor but compared to hybrid, well...there IS no comparison. You don't even get to experience the +15% damage before getting dropped in 2 hits. For something that takes longer, harder and being the highest reward in its OWN game, should mean that it is better then hybrid. As of now, its just for looks, to show off how many tickets you have and of course the trim requirement.

Soul Wars

SW use to be a jam-packed game with many players. It use to be 150vs150 or more. Lets be reasonable here, truth be told A LOT of them were bots. After the bot nuke games settled at about 50v50. That is still a good chunk of players to keep the game going. Now games barely start everyday. You have to gather up players to start a game and needing 20 (10vs10) to start can be challenging to organize at times. Since SW is pretty much all combat related all it took was EOC to kill it off, but I well get into some detail on why.

- Ice/Blood Barrage : SW was a mass game and with masses you need multi-spells. You want to cause as much congestion towards the Obelisk (Obby) as possible. To stop the other team from taking over. Ice Barrage helped with it a lot, the bridge to the obby is a 1x1 square space and holding as many people there as you can would help dramatically with the outcome of the game. Of course it has a huge risk and you can be dropped in a second if you do not know what you are doing. That is what blood barrage helped with. It was worth using to heal when you have so many players bunched up on the bridge while being piled, but now its been nerfed.

- Unique Specials : You might be thinking that previous paragraph seems a bit overpowered, but it actually is not. That is where specials come in. These include Dragon Scimitar, Spears, Enchanted bolts and Bakriminal bolts. Dragon scimitar cut off protection prayers and could mean trouble for mages at the bridge. After that the spear would come in handy and when they are being piled on while getting speared, their HP can drop drastically or they could die instantly. Enchanted bolts like dragon and diamond could pull out some major hits with their specials. Mages at bridge can have a hard time keeping their health up with these. Ruby bolts use to be the primary weapon to use at the avatar for its special attack and bakriminal bolts had their own abilities for mages. All of these were removed and the skill it took to create such combos were lost in EOC.

- Hybrid armor : The unnecessary swap of hybrid weakness brought many confusion to SW. With this many people who only won 1 set of hybrid had to go back and get another one. It also changed the system of combat. For example, you hit harder when using vanguard for melee but you are weakest to melee? It just throws people off and this did not need to be changed and will not if Legacy Mode uses the old combat system.

- Saradomin Brews : For people who could afford them, they were great to bring in SW. They were used to heal you when you ran out of bandages. You could run all the way back and grab more but that was a waste of time when brews/restores are available to you since they don't disappear when you die. Since you can spawn to up to 3 places on 1 side (Base, Grave, Enemy Grave) the bandage table is pretty hard to access. It was just easier to have brews and it worked well for staying alive longer.

To sum it up Legacy mode should :

- Remove Auto path
- Remove Bar/Abilities
- 20 sec freeze for ice barrage, 15 sec Blitz, 10 sec Burst, 5 sec Rush
- Revert Prof to its original stats
- Revert healing with Blood spells
- Revert Hybrid weakness ( Vanguard weak to mage, Battlemage weak to range, Trickster weak to melee)
- Un-nerf Saradomin Brew
- Add the old combat triangle
- Add enchanted bolts specials
- Remove dual wielding (making shields useful again)
- Add ALL special attacks back

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