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Runescape Iron Make Mode Guide

I have so many ideas for Ironman! These are simply strategies I plan on using but they are not set in stone and are not in a particular order:

LODESTONES - To be activated asap.



Runecrafting seems to be the only skill to effectively train with no requirements. With a high level, this means runes can be crafted more effectively.The rune mysteries and rune memories quests have no requirements either which both unlock the rune chest which grants up to 20930 pure essence at 91 runecrafting.


The stronghold of security gives 10k gp.This runescape gold can then be used to supplement all your hunter equipment.1-9 can instantly be completed at the varrock museum thanks to the kudos museum miniquest.9-20 can be gained quickly by catching rabbits in vinesweeper.20-29 Tropical birdies; 29-43 Swamp lizards. 43-47 Falconry, 47-60 orange salamanders, 60+ red salamanders.

Why train hunter? 

Access to graahk/kyatt furs. Access to implings which give items such as dragon equipment for level 60 weaponry, uncut onyx for furies/regeneration bracelets, crystal triskellions for access to dragon hatchets/pickaxes and of course dragonstone amulets for glories. Furthermore the black salamander acts as a level 70 2h ranged weapon. Other rs equipment gained from implings can be alched for gp used for weapon recharges and money sink skills such as construction/summoning.


One of the most useful yet most gp consuming skills. I plan on using wolf whistle/death plateau/black orbs/penguins/troll invasion to ride my way up to level 57 for spirit kyatts and graahks (useful for mining/rc).


An alternative way to gp; using the oldschool strategy of selling silk to stalls, this can be a quick way to accumulate gp to pay for low level weaponry and a rune pickaxe for mining.


Using aforementioned skills, pickaxes will be bought via dwarven mines. The spirit kyatt in combination with the skull of remembrance (the death of chivalry quest reward), iron can be mined and banked. This allows for quick leveling and future smithing xp. Early levels will involve power-leveling to reduce the amount of kyatt pouches needed.


The Knights sword quest gives instant 1-29 smithing. After smithing some iron, steel bars may be made. I plan on mining coal at the lrc at 77 mining and superheating the steel bars to give magic xp at later levels. Bars will then be turned into steel platebodies for alchemy at later levels.


Surprisingly it has some requirements. 

1-25 Gnome course. Followed by tree gnome village and the grand tree quests to give some agility xp to go over 30.

30+ (-35): Gnome course.

35+: Bar crawl then barbarian course.


52-70: Wilderness. 

At level 70 you now have access to the majority of shortcuts and most importantly the taverly shortcut. 70+ will require the completion of monkey madness; a long term goal however, one that should remain achievable and rewarding. This allows for accumulation of agile equips however, if having previously runecrafted, the wicked robes set should be enough.


Basic combat spells using runes acquired via rc. No real guide needed; superheat will allow for quick training at 43+.

Magic however will remain a good option for combat; it allows for killing steel dragons which drop the rune hatchet; also allows safespotting off kalphite guardians for the rune platebody and greater demons for a rune full helm.


5+ Cakes become a food worth harvesting when combined with the cornucopia. This allows for agility training and low level combat/safespotting.


1-20 Crayfish.

20+ Fly fishing.

Fly fishing for fast xp, does require one to stock on feathers each day via fishing shops.


I will only undertake this skill once I can mine gold at the lrc; simply because superheating gold will result in a surplus of gold bars with no place to use them. Gold amulets alongside duelling rings will be my output. I see no real use for this skill apart from cutting an onyx. With dragonhide armours simply bolstering defence, safespotting ranged becomes a prominent way to train. Ranged armour may be acquired through clue scrolls and karil's becomes available at level 70 if one has the patience. 


Surprisingly this skill has little to offer in a DIY game (at least in my views). Boots/whips/dark bows are all redundant. The whip is only useful for training if it's hand in hand with the enchanted Excalibur; not really worth gaining all the levels/quest requirements for; therefore I'd bypass level 70 weaponry and aim for chaotics in dungeoneering. Boots? Simply an armour boost and not a big one.Dragon boots can be bypassed via bandos at higher levels.Dark bow? Black salamander/crystal bow.Ultimately slayer does give access to ascensions, but this is indeed end-game content.


1-40: The Nexus: If available in ironman, this gives 37k xp. Yet to try the content so not sure as to the speed of training.Blue dragon bones via the ectofunctus will be my main method of training: I assume the using the ecto as opposed to the gilded altar will mean less bones and it's a toss up of kill more dragons and acquire level 75 construction and a lot of marrentils or just use the old ecto.

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