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Runescape Frost drags are op cash

Runescape Buff frost dragons!

They're way too weak. You can make like 3-4mil per hour there with yak and a little less than 3mil with War tort. My friend is making boatloads of cash without drygores or extremes. Frost Dragons are overpowered money, in my opinion. I never understand why you have the Black Dragon which is level 227 and drops 5k bones and the Frost Dragons which are a measly level 160 and drop bones worth 17k.

See a problem?

I'm surprised the price of Frost bones hasn't crashed! They're way too easy to kill. The stupid blue orb thing does not do enough to making fighting one a challenge. If you dual wield chaotics, you can kill them easily. They're a little OP Cash. In my opinion so please respect this.

Buff Frost Dragons.

Killing them won't be an OP way of making money, less people will kill them, and the price of bones will rise.

In fact, black dragons take far longer to kill than a frost dragon. Black dragons are harder to kill overall.

The fact that you need 85 dung (EASY) to get, is what makes frost dragon bones worth more I guess? I don't know. Nowadays people are just buying floor to get to frost dragons. 85 dung is a mere 2-3m xp and the dragons die in 3-4 hits or less sometimes. Before you can even pick the bones up, another dragon dies.. You basically, cannot pack-yak the bones fast enough. You even run out of special in a couple seconds. Gotta pot it.

I don't bother doing frosts anymore. Too packed. I just stick to taverly blues.

Either way, Frosts will always be an 'OP' method of GP as even If this method did reduce attraction to frost dragons, which I doubt it would, If it happened to make the price rise....then you'll still receive a good amount of GP per hour, even around the same amount.

The reason I doubt it'll work is simply because, If you buff a monster and the drop happens to rise = more reason to camp for GP, and as frost dragon bones are a high demand resource they'll always be needed and fought for.

Though, I agree that Frost Dragons could be stronger then black dragons or black dragons weaker..either way. Though, personally I'm fine with how it is, even though I barely kill either anymore.

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