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Runescape ALCH finder fc

Hello everyone, and welcome to the official Alch Finder FC Page!
In this FC we all work together to find the random events connected to World Event 2 to get extra renown. To help find random events, just find a convoy in your world and follow it. Random events will not always occur, and do not occur on every world at the same time or location. If you need help, or just want to be part of a friendly Alchemist FC, join Alch Finder!

Please note that this chat is for World Event 2 random events, and that we don’t include Distractions and Diversions.

Chat Rules:
No Spamming.
No advertising other chats- This will result in a ban.
Treat everyone with respect.
Help Scout for the events in your world.

Possible random Events

The Wandering Alchemist: A wandering alchemist appears and will ask you if you want to try a potion. The potion will restore 4,000-6,000 energy for members and 2,000-3,000 for free runescape players.
The Alchemist event only gives 40 doses per Alchemist, so after the 40th player got one, the Alchemist will have run out.

A Treasure Chest: A chest appears which can be searched to gain money, the amount you achieve will depend on your skill level and is usually between 4,000 and 10,000 gp. The player limit for this chest is 10 players.

Tricking the Godless: A follower of Sliske appears and asks if you want to trick the Godless into attacking the other side. The first God team with 20 players to accept this offer will result in the Godless attacking the enemy.

Golem parts: A follower of Sliske appears and asks if you want to accept golem parts. If accepted you will get 5% in all golem sections. The follower only grants this to 20 people every time.

List of Places and Convoy starts.

West of Varrock
South Central Varrock
South East of Varrock
West of Varrock

Between Falador and Varrock
North Barbarian Village
South of Barbarian Village
Goblin Village

North of Falador
Central Falador
South of Falador
Port Sarim
East of Falador

Draynor village
South of Draynor Manor
Draynor Village
East of Draynor Manor

North of Lumbridge

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