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Runescape 3 Killing wolves Gold making guide

In Runescape 3 map, you will need to find location: White Wolf Mountain

Wolves drop bones, used to make spirit wolf pouches, ogre arrows, and used in various quests, are a always drop from nearly all wolves. The bones are currently worth 786 coins, so killing them can be quite profitable for lower levels. The best place to kill wolves is White Wolf Mountain, next to the gnome glider. Use a two-handed weapon to hit high with an auto-attack and then immediately do a basic ability like Slice, Wrack or Piercing Shot. Those two should be enough to do the either 600 or 1100 damage needed to kill the wolves. Pick up the bones (which are underneath the raw wolf meat) and kill another one. Use the Taverley lodestone will provide faster banking than running to the bank, allowing less downtime between runs.

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