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Rewords after runescape world events

This is a small idea that may help the world event and and any future events in general in terms of runescape players that want all rewords but don't want to runescape team hop.

Now with the battle of lumbride not to long over and the second world event under way, there has and still is the problem of people team hopping for all rewords which dose effect the outcome.

Recently I read that jegex has added the sara/zammy war priest armour as GWD drops which I respect and no doubt armadyl/bandos armour will get the same treatment even though not everyone is into bossing but even so it still leaves out the titles / emotes & over rides.

My first thought to help fix this problem for those that did not get the titles, emotes or over rides during the events were to give it a month or 2 then add them into solomon's for ever loyalty points or runecoins but then I thought of a better idea that could also work and even dubble up as small cash sinks.

If you ask me the missionary added into the game world could be more useful other than windbags, and my idea is to give them a use much like imperial quartermaster dayley challenge guy at Burthorpe.

players would join the desired god's missionary like sara/zammy (currently) and then take on small requests in a skill the player choses and rough skill levels needed like 1, 20, 40, 60, 80, 99 or something.

Like with the quarter master the items requested may needed to be handed in (mini money sink) but in return the player would get say... Favour points from the tasks done. The higher skill level / items needed the more points reworded in return.

Naturaly this would be available in free play & members while I would think there would be no limit on the amount of tasks a player could do each day but would only be able to take on 1 at a time.

The reword shops the missionary run may have other rewords as well like exp lamps and things but they would also sell the titles / emotes & cosmetic overrides if the player has earned enough favour points to unlock them. (they may also sell the warpriest armours at stupidly high prices for players who don't like bossing)

Current world event - using the bird and beast event as an example player on Armadyl like my self who would like Bando's rewords as well but do not want to switch could wait till the event is over & then join the Bando's missionary to take on tasks to earn the reword over time.

This would be up to Jegex but I would think switching to a new missionary would reset all gained favour with the current missionary points back to 0 but who knows all the favour earned with each missionary may all get stored separately.

lastly Jegex this idea will not only make all current players happy knowing they could get the rewords any time but it also helps with future events to avoided repeating and causing the same problem.arachnidsGrp, thanks for the reply & yeah perhaps you are rite & most player will then use the points on exp but that would be there choice. There are meany players who would want the armours for there costume rooms in poh or the emotes like completion's players.

I know I did not go to in depth with the shop prices being I thought it would be up to jegex to decide but I was thinking along the lines of (using bird & beast as an example)

Player A attends the event sticking with bandos all the way though, then a few days latter realises they wanted the rewords from armadyl side, there to low leveled to get the armor from GWD and decided to earn them from the armadyl missionary.

Now here is the catch, currently the Warpriest of Armadyl gauntlets are being sold at 13k points (first set) where as AFTER the event the missionary's would sell the weapon cosmetics (jegex would need to decide on a price for them) the warpriest armours / titles & emotes at a higher price perhaps even double valued like 26k for gloves.

Not only would it make players who don't want to team hop happy knowing they could still get the rewords from the other team after the event at a much slower rate in there own time, it would mean getting them while the event is running would be cheaper AND if jegex wanted they could then also add an enforced system to stop players team switching if they wanted.

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