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RS Mod Osborne said 120 could be just based on xp above 99 and not raise the level cap

If you're going to post without reading, at least see this - Mod Osborne said 120 could be just based on xp above 99 and not raise the level cap

side note idea

What if there was a second tier of comp trim which allowed you to color your trim particles after getting 120 in all? no one loses their comp after 120 release, it's just a color changer for fun if you actually get to 120 in all for the comp capers to have something even more special to play around with

With Jmod confirmation of 120 concept for the other skills, I thought I should finally make this thread, was going to awhile ago and now it's less of an out of the question request.

Table of Context
Intro post
Post 1 - How it's not game breaking
Post 2 - How it will help the game
Post 3 - Respecting others - why not to vote no
Post 4 - Extra notes
Post 5 - 120 ideas (suggest your own too)

The rest of this post is just Intro, scroll down to the next one if you just want to skip to main points :)

I'm very grateful Jagex let us know on the livestream that the thought of 120s aren't still instant nos, Mod Osborne said on Mod Couch that it doesn't have to be a raised level cap, it can just be about xp, so I'd like to share my thoughts in the next post about different ways of introduction for 120, I have been playing for about 8 years and would love to see the further expansion of our game and I hope this thread will help those of you that are either unsure or against the idea.

Post 1 - How it's not game breaking

Mod Osborne named a few ways 120s can be introduced, there's the level cap raising idea, cosmetic idea of having it stay at 99 but be recognized at 120 xp wise with the cape and the minor ideas like having the cape be rewarded at level 100 / 100m xp / 200m xp.

Remember, these are purely ideas, nothing is being worked on yet - next month's poll is purely 'yes I'd like that' or 'no I don't think we need it' The poll is not 'yes, raise level cap to 120'

With the above examples, the most impacting one without fully thinking is the "raise level cap to 120" idea - this is not game breaking! Your first thought is most likely that 120 combat levels will break the game in damage/tanking, this is why it's not an issue at all - After gaining a combat skill past 99 instead of having it increase our damage over and over again by too much, it can give small bonuses that are nearly not completely worth the time, like 0.0X more bonus to the respected stat, which adds up eventually but only just. We wont be hitting 999999, we'd only be doing a small bit above current damage and tanking capabilities.

No one is going to reject you from a Nex/Vorago group because you don't have 0.80% more damage, the 120 prestige can just be an "I did it" achievement with small bonus for completing it - similar to how the trim comp cape is but with a very, very small bonus.

Don't like the idea of small percent bonuses? 120 could introduce skill passives, where you'd be limited to maybe two per skill, for example level 110 and 120.

110 - While wearing gloves/weapon(s) from the top two current tiers - gain an accuracy bonus
120 - While the 110 benefit is active, gain poison damage to attacks that are stronger than Weapon Poison++ and are lowered against players in dangerous pvp environments

Post 2 - How it will help the game

Eventually we all hit the wall of 99, after that the only thing to do is gain xp for no reason other than to have something more to do in our spare time, introducing anything around 120 gives us more things to play with.

Many people get 99 just to get the 99, most of the time there's no need to go back to the skill, main examples being Woodcuting/Fletching, after 99 the only time you'd go back to do the skill is for xp milestones like 20/50/100/200m, introducing 110/120 passives or just straight up nothing but cape till 120 gives a reason to do something, we've got a little over 13m xp to 99 and then a max of 200m xp which opens a very large gap of nothing but optional milestone experience.

More people skilling means more resources brought into the game and used up, people would be more active with "dead skills" like the above examples.

For the non combat skills there's many, many opportunities for amazing content to work up to, and the True Mastery capes would be the cherry ontop.

120 Fishing could unlock new types of fish that give healing over time or Damage over time reduction + healing, there could be a "boss fish" that you can catch daily or weekly that can be cooked into multiple pieces.

120 Cooking ties in with the above example and can also interact with Construction and smithing - giving us a forge to build that uses the QBD's stored Ancient Flames that can cook/forge upgrades from the 100+ content.

120 Slayer is largely asked for, after 100 we could unlock Assistant Slayer Master status and (suggested in a different thread from someone else) pick our specification of monster to hunt down, like Demons for Abbys/Tds and ofcourse new Slay creatures and 'learning' ways of adding more damage when on task.

Post 3 - Respecting others and why you shouldn't vote no

Many posts I've read so far about 120 capes is "I don't want to no life that, 99 was boring enough", you are not forced to get 120 in the same way that you are not forced to get trim on comp cape - or comp cape at all.

Let's pretend you're working on 99 attack and you're 80 right now and you really wanna get 90 for drygores, you're working hard on getting that achievement and at 90 you'll have either your new weapons or continue gaining money to buy them and finally use them.

Now lets see a similar example from a maxed player's point of view,

You're maxed but you want to play, you don't feel like bossing because it's all you ever do, if we aren't working on comp/trim. "I want to play Rs but there's nothing to do" well with 100-120 you now get loads and loads of stuff to do and even if it's just for a cape and they don't end up adding content between the gap (which is unlikely) then there's still a cape to get and show off.

Now you may not be maxed and you're thinking you just got 99 fm and even then you only managed to push through that because of x2 weekend - well there are different types of players and we all have different progress. A maxed player will already have the experiences in the game that may be new to you, just because you aren't the type to over achieve doesn't mean others don't enjoy doing it. when you play a Zelda game I'm sure you're very interested in gaining all the hearts and secrets in the game but others may just want to stop the evil that's plaguing the world and that's that.

When you become maxed and eventually a comp caper you'll still want to achieve goals and show others your progress - think things over through other's perspective instead of just your own - you aren't being forced into leveling 100-120 or even level 50 for that matter, this does not effect you negatively.

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