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Preposed solutions runescape

Firstly, to be clear I am advocating an immediate removal of this intro to the Runescape Gold game (until it can be re-made a lot better). I am not saying there should not be an opening introduction. Just that this one damages the game more then anything else.

1) Take a slower pace to start with. Familiarize the player with the lobby. And then some of the basics of movement and view control. Show them what some of their icons do. But don't information shotgun them in a environment so stimulating that they are not likely to absorb any of it.

2) Give the player the opportunity to involve themselves. to take interest in and make a conscious investment in an NPC or situation they can observe. Even if nominal offer them a clear and visible reward from the start. But, don't make it seem like they are dropping in on the last climactic moments of a movie they were not there for the rest bulk of.

3) Don't start the player off in a situation that they have to go along with. And, through out the development of something they choose to get involved in, give them a few clear opportunities to opt out of finishing that content at the moment (just like with virtually any quest you have made). At the very least make sure the ways out you've provided work for everyone.

4) Seriously consider doing some real cinematic work. Start trying a lot harder to make this look like it isn't a game built over more then a decade. more then brand new features and reworking core mechanics. What i really feel the game needs in order to progress is bringing a lot of the old content in-line with the new. You have some really old models and textures that break the aesthetics of the game when side by side with the new stuff. And, if anything gives the game a feeling of poor graphical quality. and perpetuates the stereotyping of browser based gaming. It's that. Things looking like they are from different worlds, but placed right next to each other.

This ran longer then I thought it would (posting over from word pad). However, I do have a few more things to say on this.

But, starting in on that part. Something Aristotle said: "Quality is not an act. It is a Habit."

If this is to be believed (and coupled with what we know of habit forming). Then, a seemingly on the fly and rushed job (like this intro comes off as), is a break down in good habits. And, in-so-much also a break in level of quality expected.

And, as it seems to have been a compulsion...well compulsory behavior is the first step to developing a habit. In this case potentially bad habits.

Now, I think the rest of the tutorial pretty much, is fine. though it could do with a little more motivation like saying "hey! did you know you have a tool belt by which you can permanently equip some basic but frequently used items?" little next button in the prompt and "visit some of the skill tutors to the south to get the accessories you will need to fully equip it!"

That would be something more of an immediate clear goal by which the new Runescape Accounts player can benefit themselves. And, it's a tie in to getting them interested in the skills available.

Instead of spending the first 2 hours hacking away at trolls and cows. they might try something a little more involved this way.

Also there could be few more important things mentioned right up front. Like how to re-allocate combat experience (most frequently asked question I have seen). Or toggle auto-retaliate. Or searching the map, setting a map marker, following it, and clearing it. That kind of stuff.

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