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Most Anticipated Quests In Runescape

This is was created to gauge the community's most anticipated quests. Which future quests are you looking forward to the most? Why?

To start things off, I'll be making a personal top 5 list.

1.) Werewolf quest series. Although we have extremely minimal information on any werewolf quest(s), Mod Osborne and Mod Ana have both expressed their desire for a werewolf quest series as a spinoff to the Myreque. Currently, however, this is unconfirmed and may not even become a reality. I still hold high hopes, though. It seems only fair that the werewolves be given their own quests. From my perspective, a werewolf series holds a great deal of potential.

2.) Zamorak's quest. This is the long-awaited quest that will give us a balanced portrayal of the god of chaos. For all intents and purposes, it's meant to be the Zamorakian equivalent of Death of Chivalry. Seeing as I'm Zamorakian, I've been waiting forever to get content that will end the 'Gielinorian Satan' view that many players hold Zamorak to. I'm also looking forward to the cast of characters that will be included. Although unconfirmed, this quest may very well be the heist quest that Mod Osborne has spoken of, the plot of which will revolve around Zamorak's attempt to steal the Stone of Jas from Sliske. Zamorak's quest is currently planned to be the last rs quests released this year.

3.) Myreque quests. The Myreque series seems to be one of the most popular among Runescape's player base. What we currently know is that Mod Ana wants to have two more quests in the series, and that the next quest will focus heavily on Saflaan. Personally, I'm extremely curious to see where Mod Ana takes these quests now that we're in Gielinor's Sixth Age. And who doesn't want to finally see Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan in game?

4.) Sir Owen sequel. This will be the sequel to Death of Chivalry, which in my mind, is one of Runescape's strongest quests. I found the plot and backstory to be interesting, the voice acting to be great, and the character development and interaction to be absolutely fantastic. This quest helped to make Saradomin one of the most well developed characters in the game. I can barely wait for its sequel. As a side note, Mod Stu has mentioned that he wants for the Sir Owen series to be a trilogy.

5.) Rite of Passage. This quest is currently being developed by Mod Raven. It will take place on the aviansie home world of Abbinah, where we will aid a young aviansie in his rite of passage. Linza, one of the signature heroes, is also going to be making an appearance. Not only am I excited about visiting Abbinah, I also look forward to learning more about the aviansie race, Armadyl's history, and seeing Linza's character be developed further. According to Mod Jack, Rite of Passage is taking up a lot of time and resources, so it may be a while before we see its release.

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