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Jagex Account Guardian Tips Securing Your runescape account

In an ongoing effort to help protect our forum users and RuneScape players from being hacked or account hijacked, we have written up a post detailing our recommendations for how best to utilize Jagex Account Guardian.Jagex Account Guardian JAG is a new security system that allows you to set recognized devices computers and anyone who attempts to log in to your runescape account from an unrecognized device will be hindered by new security questions, which are unchangeable.  To enable Jagex Account Guardian JAG for your account, login to, navigate to your "Account" section, and at the top of the page there is a section called "Jagex Account Guardian" that will walk you through the steps of enabling the feature.

Since you cannot customize the JAG recovery questions, it is more important than ever that you set answers that no one can guess!  Think carefully before you enable JAG and pick your recoveries.  First, try Googling yourself both your real name and RSN and searching through your social media accounts and forum posts.  Are the recovery question answers obtainable through those outlets?  For example, the question "Where was your first vacation / holiday?" is NOT a good choice if your first holiday photos are posted on Facebook for everyone to see.  The question "What is your favourite sports team? is NOT a good choice if you have this listed in an online profile.

The absolute BEST approach is to treat these recoveries like additional passwords and use random numbers, letters, and symbols.  Alternatively, you could use some sort of random phrase that makes no sense whatsoever to anyone but you.  Of course, this makes your recoveries extremely hard to remember, so let's take this a step further.  If you want to ensure that you will never forget the answers to your JAG recoveries, you can either write them down on a piece of a paper and keep that paper some place safe, or you can even store those answers on an encrypted part of your hard drive.  We do NOT recommend that you store the answers in a plain text file on your computer!  That is not secure and anyone could simply open the file if they gain access to your computer!  There are several ways you can encrypt files.  Here are some examples:

1Password The 1Password application allows you to store passwords, notes, and other information.  All the information you store is strongly encrypted.  You select a master password, which is required to unlock your data.True Crypt This application creates a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mounts it as a real disk.  It can also encrypt an entire partition or storage device, such as a USB flash drive or hard drive.  This is great for encrypting all kinds of files, partitions, etc.There are many other encryption options available online, many of which are extremely easy to use and set up, but protect your data very well!

Once you have your method of encryption, you can select recovery answers that are virtually impossible to guess or brute force.  No one will be able to utilize social engineering to gain access to your runescape account.

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