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It doesn't runescape affect you

I'm laughing so hard at these anti-bond threads right now.

To get straight to the point, bonds (and any real world trade) DO NOT AFFECT YOUR GAMEPLAY. if another player buys a bond, they cannot affect you in any manner. bonds do not provide any advantages that allow other players to influence your gameplay, they simply grant wealth or membership, NEITHER OF WHICH CAN TOUCH YOU. this is not a full combat game, like battlefield or call of duty or whatever the Hell people play these days. players cannot harm you, steal your things, or do ANYTHING to affect you unless you're in PvP or a mini-game. even in PvP, if you're fighting against a player who is on the same level as you who happened to buy bonds, THAT PLAYER IS NOT GIVEN A SPECIFIC ADVANTAGE DUE TO THE BONDS. a player your level is a player your level. bonds do not affect combat, they simply add wealth or runescape equipment, sometimes stats if you get an xp lamp.

It'd be one thing if we were playing a full combat game, but we aren't. quit complaining about how jimmy got full torva because he's rich. it doesn't affect you in any way. yes, you have to work harder than jimmy, but does it matter? no. Runescape is a solo game, where other people's events are irrelevant to you.

It's not cheating because WE DON'T PLAY AGAINST EACH OTHER. NOBODY WINS IN RS. for example- if I was to be given extra money while playing Monopoly, that would be unfair to the other player because I would beat them. however, if I was given gp in RS, I wouldn't give a damn because it doesn't affect any of you. I might be better than you, but once again, it wouldn't matter in your gameplay. does that make any sense?

To sum it up... if you view bonds as "cheating" or "unfair", if you see RWT as having huge influence on your gameplay, you're merely being childishly jealous and you should probably come to the realization that none of it will affect you. start playing Mario or something.

Good point. didn't think about high scores. probably because.... well, I find them unimportant in a game where there's a whole lot to do & updates are constantly occurring. if a player is playing RS Gold to be the best in the world I think they have just a tad bit too much time on their hands, lmfao

Bots (used to) crowd resource areas and control the market. these things had a huge effect on a player's gameplay, given the fact that it became much harder to skill, merch, and buy things. they had a much wider range of influence than bonds. bonds do neither of the things mentioned. I fail to see how you can relate botting to bonds when bots had a huge negative influence that you failed to point out.

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