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It continues to get runescape worse

A year and a half ago, when Jagex first began to sell Runescape Gold(albeit in a very indirect manner) on the Squeal of Fortune, I cancelled my membership and stopped playing the game that I'd enjoyed for the previous seven years.

It's not that I was bored of the game, or ready to move on to another, or otherwise had any inclination towards quitting. I was perhaps a few months away from a Max cape, and a year or so from Completion. I had every intention of reaching those milestones and continuing to play the game as a maxed player.

However, as an almost maxed player who has never botted or purchased gold, and one has spent so much of his free time working towards those goals over the past seven years, I value achievement, and the actual effort that goes into it, in this game very highly.

I did not, do not, and never will approve of players purchasing gold or experience because I feel that it severely devalues my own achievements in this game, as well as those of countless other dedicated veteran players, and newer players working toward those goals.

I intensely disliked RWTers and botters, but at least in those cases, the unearned boost was a violation of the rules of the game. The fact that those players who cheated were taking a risk of losing everything, not only which they'd bought unfairly, but also anything they'd earned legitimately, enabled me to justify continued play of a game in which my achievements were being devalued.

When Jagex released Squeal, they took an offence and made it into an acceptable practice. Players who were formerly considered cheaters, rightfully, were now subsidizing the game, and encouraged to continue. That was too much for me, and I quit, hoping Jagex would come to their senses and rescind that update.

A year and a half later, I come back to find they've only expanded on it. Now buying gold for real world cash is not only possible within the rules, it's as direct and obvious as it could possibly be.

Very well said. People like us continue to be purged by Jagex in favor of the people Jagex used to be against. If you value fair play at all in a game, there is no further reason to stick around. With this last update, Jagex has made it very clear that you are no longer valued as an actual customer - only a source of money to be drained.

It is sad - I probably (not on this account) would be close to maxed if I had continued playing. Jagex will never get a dime from me again and I will never add to the runescape account players online counter ever again.

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