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Ideas on improving runescape eoc

I find runescape eoc acceptable, but I also like combat pre-eoc, here are just some thoughts that I have, to improve on eoc right now.

1. one of the problem in eoc is the removal of specials. This makes different weapon, whether a dragon scimi or whip or drygore mace all battle the same way, It was fun back then when each weapon has it's use, like whip is to dps, and claws and ags for burst.

It can be improved on by removing the threshold and ultimate abilities and replacing it with weapon specials that consume adrenaline the same way.

2. Every weapon is of the same tier is just the same now, there are actually 3 weapon for melee and they are dualwield, shield and 2h. Whether it is a dscimi dualwield or d long dual wield doesnt make a difference, same for drygores. This makes the game so boring as every weapon does exactly the same thing, abilities basically removes the concept of attack speed, the speed to cast abilities is the same and the damage of abilities is adjusted so it is also the same.

To bring back the difference in attack speed and attack damamge ( So faster weapon actually does more rapid but softer attacks and slower weapons actually does hard but slow attacks) is to bring back autoattacks into the game.

This can be done with increasing cool downs (CD) for every abilities. hence allowing autoattacks in between abilities used. This would also enhance a more tactical use of abilities in a fight instead of just spamming it. Also, we can perhaps removing the damage reduction on slow weapons in abilities, so then slow weapons actually does more, but adding a new feature where autoattacks reduces cd of abilities and also gives some adrenaline as will not be able to use as much abilites, so fast weapons can have shorter cd and faster adrenaline gain but weaker damage on the abilities, hence consist with the concept of attack speed.

3. Combat just becomes a key spamming rotation over and over again.
Short and simple, every in melee does the same thing, slice-basicability-slice-basic abilities...- when 50% adrenaline use a threshold and so on, you guys understand my point.

To improve on that, on top of increasing the Cool Down. Link different abilities with a common cool down count down ( E.g. after I use the ability Sever, I would have a 40s (increased) CD with sever, but at the same time the ability dismember, and fury also would receive the 40s CD, this way players actually have to choose what to use and when, whether he wants a single attack of 188% damage or a bleed or a combo attack? This can then add some tactical decision on when and which ability to use, this way, abilities are used for what they do too, instead of just building adrenaline. instead of just spamming each and everyone of them.

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