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I love the idea of runescape World Events shaping the outcome on what happens on Gielinor

First of all, I love the idea of World Events shaping the outcome on what happens on Gielinor. Its a nice concept and the rewards are so generous. I'm going to list my runescape idea on what I think about when I hear the term "World Event". Feel free to agree or disagree. I'm not suggesting you do all of these, but these are ideas that sounded cool in my head which may or may not be good.

First of all I want to comment on the sides. So far, we've seen 2 gods fighting, and the god that most of the people like wins. This is fair, if more people want to see Saradomin or Armadyl win, they should side with them. However, why 2 sides? We should be able to side with the Godless if we don't like either god. This side won't be able to affect the outcome of the gods, but they could have influence in forcing the gods to leave Gielinor if they win. Also, there could be a 3 way god battle, or 4, where Saradomin, Zaros, and Seren fight over something.

Since they're world events and not God Events, make something less god related. Here's an example of such a World Event: A volcano is about to erupt in Karamja and you need to put it out using water on it. There will be a predetermined number every player on Runescape needs to collect or else the volcano wins and Brimhaven will be buried. Also, try to make a World Event happen on ScapeRune, the place where Evil Bob lives. That would be fun.

Also, the time between World Events should be longer. I get that since this is a new concept, the team is excited to release such a thing, but I think the time between World Events should be longer. At least 6-10 months should be good enough. That's because not every major event can happen within the first year of the 6th age.

Don't change the amount of time it takes to cap. I like how it only takes an hour to cap in World Event 2, as opposed to World Event 1 where it took 6 hours to cap. Also, the rate in which you collect renown shouldn't change based on how much you already collected.

Use the PttP polls to determine if something should be done with the excess Sacred Metal Fragments, and then come up with a reward if it passes. If not, get rid of Sacred Metal Fragments after the event is over so people won't complain that they can't be used in future World Events.

Speaking of PttP, make us vote on which gods (or the lack of gods) we want to have a World Event with.

It would be cool if you could cover all the skills in the World Events. So far we've used all the combat skills, mining, woodcutting, fishing, construction, and divination. In the future, try to vary the skills. We haven't had repeats yet, which is good. Since a cabbage and monkey is going be in the next event, I'm guessing its going to be farming and hunter? Also, with theiving, you could steal renown from the other side and make their score go down. That would be fun.

Make some p2p only World Events. There are some things you want to keep exclusive so that f2p people would want to get membership.

As for rewards, xp, emotes, and titles are okay, but drinks, armor, and abilities are boring. Skill outfits would be a nice replacement for armor, like the ones you get from Squeal of Fortune, or items that would benefit skilling. So far, these rewards are all combat based.

Don't release the 3rd Runescape World Event idea before the 2nd one even comes out. That's just evil, trying to make us wait like that.

These are just ideas on how I think whenever I hear the term "World Event". Feel free to have your own interpretation of the term. I'm not suggesting or forcin anyone to do this, its just my ideas.

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