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I figure I should write down an runescape idea I've had for a while now

I figure I should write down an runescape idea I've had for a while now

We have a problem: dead minigames. And don't let anyone tell you it's because of the removal of PVP xp (except for FoG, but now magic is so cheap it too is unnecessary).

Another problem is that F2P is boring. They get like, what, an update every two years?

How do we solve these solutions? Integrating F2P into P2P minigames. Members have a massive array of past times in this game, which is why minigames are obsolete. But F2P doesn't really have much.

Imagine a game of Soul Wars or Castle Wars. Hundreds of F2P cannon-fodder noobs, ready to be torn apart by ice barrages, ascension cross bows, and drygore weaponry. They will provide a good population to the minigames that we can barely find games for.

But how exactly can this happen? You may wonder. Castle Wars, Trouble Brewing, and the whole nine yards are for the most part in Members-Only areas. What I'd like to do is integrate something similar to OSRS's minigame grouping. F2P players will be able to join a sort of waiting area, similar to the Gamer's Grotto. This will be on an instanced world, automatically joined when entering the lobby. From there, F2P players can join any member's minigame. [P2P players would still be able to play on regular worlds by simply going to that game's respective area.]

But aside from a hobby for F2P - here's the real kicker: access to P2P bosses.
I'm talking about lower leveled bosses, like GWD, KQ, and KBD. At the end of every game, F2P players would be rewarded the regular rewards (tickets, zeal, pieces of eight, fog tokens, etc.) These would only be able to do two things on an F2P world: buy "boss tickets" or could be redeemed for small amounts of XP.

Members would be able to buy these F2P rewards, as well as regular member's rewards.
At the end of the game, F2P players would recieve lower versions of the rewards, such as "bronze castle wars ticket", lesser zeal, bronze coins (pieces of eight), and void energy (PC points). Members would gain [bold] both the P2P and the F2P [/bold] reward tokens. [or, perhaps P2P could exchange their rewards for a good amount of F2P points]

Each minigame would have it's own tickets, with less popular games having better tickets.
Trouble brewing would give "Bandos Boss Tickets" and "KBD Boss Tickets", and Pest Control might give "Zamorak Boss Tickets", while more popular Castle Wars would give "KQ Boss tickets" and "Armadyl Boss Tickets", with game giving more popular boss tickets to less popular games.

The drops received on F2P worlds would not be "coinshareable" (?) (as in, no shards). There would only be direct drops of the rs item itself, which would be allowed to be picked up by an F2Player, but not worn.

So basically, it might work like this:
1. Goit wants to play Trouble Brewing.
2. He goes to the lobby (maybe an add on to the Gamer's Grotto? a second room)
3. He joins the Trouble Brewing Lobby, automatically bringing him to a Trouble Brewing Lobby that is instanced with everyone else (clicking the door to leave would result in teleporting back to the original lobby)
4. The game is also filled with Members (who are the only ones able to do P2P only skills? [if construction was used for the bridge repairs, the only members could repair them {despite F2Pers able to go up to lv 5 in member's skills}]).
5. After about 20 minutes, the game ends
6. Goit receives "Bronze Coins" depending on his performence in the game
7. Goit may then exchange the Bronze Coins for either Bandos Tickets or small xp lamps
8. Goit (and his friends who also have tickets) go to fight General Graardor
9. After some time, Goit's friend receive a Bandos Chestplate
10. His friend may not wear the chestplate, but it may be freely traded, alched, and dropped between them.

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