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How To Make Heist AFK-Free

Heist is a great minigame, but there is a huge problem. While there are quite some users of the minigame, there are not enough players who actually play the game: most users are AFK. This is a problem on two levels.

Level 1: AFKing is fine when someone is playing alone, like when he kills dragons. It is, however, against the spirit of the game and not acceptable if a person doesn't participate in a minigame that requires teamplay - especially if he still gets a reward for the other people's trouble. 

Level 2: AFKers may deliberately come together to AFK in Heist. While this seems good (after all, they don't annoy real players then), it has become a problem. Since AFKing is easier and faster than playing, so many people have chosen to form AFK groups that there are hardly any real players left.

Heist was made by Jagex to be played in the first place. Even though they kind of allow people to AFK together (it is still against the spirit of the game), it is quite obvious that this AFKing shouldn't have a negative influence on the group of people who play the game the way it was intended. It is even more obvious that people who AFK in games with real players didn't understand what RuneScape is mainly about: interacting with other, real people. 

There are several ways to make AFKing impossible, thus reviving Heist and making it an interactive minigame again, the way it was intended.


1.a. Remove the win point for the team that won, and simply give players 1 win point for every loot they deposited or for every robber caught. Of course the win point's value should be less, then. This will motivate them to actually play. Even though it's still possible that both teams will just AFK and get 20 points each, it will also be clear that playing the game will give you more points than AFKing.

1.b. Remove the points given for each minute played, or make it less, like 1 point per 5 minutes. This will force players to play in order to get points. Isn't it fair that the people getting most loots and most robbers, get most points, and that people AFKing get none or just a few?

2. Teleport players who did not move for 30 seconds out of the game.

3. Teleport robbers who did not take a form in the 30-60 seconds after start out of the game.

To make Heist more interesting in general, add more rewards, such as outfits (every NPC in the games and Guards?), titles for Guard & Robber levels gained, make a certain amount of Guard & Robber levels a requirement for the comp cape, etc. Also, an official Heist world would be a good idea.


1. Heist isn't the only minigame in which people AFK! Why not whine about those others?

I only play Heist and therefore I only care about Heist. I know the situation there from months of experience, so I feel I can offer constructive feedback here. AFK problems in other minigames are for people who care about those minigames.

2. AFKing is just another way of playing. Why can't you let people play the way they want?

If you aren't in the game (=being AFK) and you are not using the minigame's content, you are not actually playing. If you just stand inside a university building, you can't say you're a student either, nor that just standing there is just another way of studying.

3. AFKers are enjoying the game too! Even if they aren't actually using the content, they can still enjoy having the high skills as a result, can't they?

Standing still and/or not even paying attention to the game isn't really having fun. Sure, socialising with other AFKers may be fun, but they don't need to be in Heist for that: Falador square works fine, for example. Also, people using macro software also enjoy having high skills without doing anything, but that isn't a good reason to allow botting either.

4. Why can't you just find like-minded people to play with and forget about AFKers?

Because of the easy ways to AFK Heist there are hardly any real players. New people who want points but do want to play for fun as well, often find no one to play with and end up in organised AFK groups, thus leaving even less people. I'd just find like-minded people to play with, if there were any. Note that making AFKing impossible will result in most of these people playing the game, since they did want to that in the first place but simply couldn't find others.

5. Jagex (deliberately) designed Heist so it could be AFKed for fast points. Not using the content but simply standing still is perfectly legit, isn't it?

If Jagex' main goal was to have people figure out how to be as "efficient" as possible and gain as much XP as possible in the shortest possible time, surely they wouldn't bother creating an interactive minigame with content? They'd just make an empty space in which people could stand still until the time is up.

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