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How Combat Should Be Evolved In Runescape

Changing core mechanics isn't inherently bad if those core mechanics sucked. We had autoattacking, and once in a blue moon we got to do a silghtly stronger attack. Whoopdy-freaking-do. I have never seen a more boring combat in all my days, and there was no tactics except when to expel your spec bar. Shouldn't the fact that other games have much better combat systems be motivation to improve our own, not just sit there letting it suck, and potential subscribers ignore it?

I had to upgrade my computer to keep playing RS after that stupid, non-togglable Jersey Shore lighting update. It's new computer or bust now, Jagex doesn't have that going for them at all.

Of course it does, you just have to fight the right things. PvP is much more tactical and dynamic, and PvE is too as long as you're fighting the newer monsters. Jagex's biggest mistake was not updating all monsters to the new standard, leaving it seeming like the only thing you can do is sit there mashing random buttons. 

I hadn't seen it in any other game either, because those other games discarded it. Minecraft had basic "swing sword until dead" combat, but they evolved past it over time. Clumsily swapping gear (forcing you to re-click your opponent), tab-swapping, and eating (forcing you to re-click your opponent EVERY GODDAMN TIME), was never fun.The combat triangle is certainly doing better than meleescape, though it needs more tactical difference, rather than just a flat damage soak.

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