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How Best To Get To 1 Billion Rs 3 Gold

Hey guys.

Well, my bank is currently worth around 1.5b rs 3 gold, so you may be thinking the title doesn't make sense? I made my bank from one clue scroll, Shadow Dye, around 6 months ago. Spent some rs 3 gold on gear and skills, and here I am, 6 months later with 770m rs 3 gold left over.

Seeing as my bank was made due to insane luck, how best can I go about making that extra 230m (give or take 30m) so I can buy Third Age Melee?

Some info;

I have never been good at PvM or PvP. My bossing life consists of QBD and Graardor.

Skills in Adventurer's Log if you wish to look.

I can flip, not very well, could use some guidence. With such a large cash stack what kind of items should I be using?

Another note, I don't want to sell any of my combat gear to make up the gp. I have sets of T80 Nex, T90 Power armours and T90 Weapons to my name.


1. Flipping

Check the item discussion forum for price ranges, read up on the posts on what the certain characters mean, and pick a few items to flip. This method is usually done in conjunction with another method to earn cash faster. A background way of making money if you will.

2. Divination

Harvesting incandescent wisps and converting using the option that gives the less xp is quite good money. It's pretty relaxed and more of a method aimed at someone who is lower PvM skilled. 

3. Slayer

Also a good less experienced PvM method. Of course your income will depend on tasks and luck here. 

4. Araxxor

This is for people who like to PvM a lot, but don't be afraid of this option if you're new. Lots of Youtube guides are quite helpful for this one. Araxxor can be very good money if you're patient and have the initial investment. 

5. Telos

This one is the last step after Araxxor. It will take quite a while to master and even longer to get all of the parts necessary to make a weapon, however when you get those parts the reward is absolutely massive.

6. Buying bonds is confirmed to be the best gp/h

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