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HTML5 Known runescape Issues

The following items are known issues with the HTML5 beta.

As always, be sure to submit a Runescape Accounts bug report should you encounter a gameplay bug or graphical glitch in-game.

Longer load times
When initially loading the game, you may experience a longer than usual delay whilst the beta client loads game assets. The client is still being optimised, so this will improve in time.

Game asset pop-in
You may notice objects in-game 'popping' into view. Currently the object draw distance is set to the same distance as the java client, which is much shorter than the HTML5 environment draw distance, to maintain parity between the clients.

JAG Restricting Access
It may be the case that JAG may not recognise your machine for the beta. Simply authorise the use of your computer on JAG when prompted to gain access.

Other already known issues

Opening the world map in some instances can cause a client crash.
Dungeoneering – the vine flower room colours are changing too fast to complete.
Dungeonerring – opening doors can sometimes cause the player to briefly appear underground.
Player models can sometimes turn invisible in the Sinkholes D&D chest room.
Map assets can sometimes take a while to fully load.
The 'Exit Citadel' prompt can sometimes get stuck and remain with the player upon returning to surface world.
Click ranges on locations that can be interacted with can sometimes appear smaller, or larger than expected.
Bloom – some areas of the game are too bright when bloom is enabled.
The minimum, medium and high graphics buttons in the BETA do not update however graphics settings are still changed.
Cutscene fade outs can sometimes cause a black screen for a lengthy time.
When chatting in game on the BETA, the first letter of a sentence is sometimes ignored.
Audio can sometimes cut out or become distorted.
Some ground decor in Runescape Gold Player-Owned Ports appears vertically.
NPC models in some BETA cutscenes can occasionally show invisible characters.
Some areas of the surface world cause the player to appear above the ground for short periods of time.
There are some graphical glitches on the avatar creation screen.

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