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Eoc Was Basically Made To Modernise Runescape

EoC was basically made to modernise RuneScape. In doing so, it made any type of build rather redundant other than "main" type builds for PvE and PvP due to how tierscape is implented and in doing so has rather damaged the game. To truly modernise RuneScape, I believe that Jagex need to actually embrace different builds and encourage them rather than discourage them like they have done with the mechanics of EoC and leaving the "modernization" to just being abilities.

There's no diversity in EoC and I believe that in being able to be a bit more creative with your account such as being a pure, zerker, obby mauler etc it'll add the missing diversity from the game and the ability to try out your own ideas modifying a build or simply creating your own. It may also bring in new players to the game instead of just bringing back older players.

Jagex are trying to make RuneScape a modern game. Modern games have the ability to make your character what ever build you want it to be whether for PvE or PvP. Legacy is a great start but for the good of the game, please encourage people to explore different character builds and make the game suit it similar (not exact 100%) to how Pre-EoC did in the sense that stats were somewhat contributing to your builds output as well as gear.

For example: GWD armours and Barrows armours are in the same tier so Jagex have reduced the armour value of GWD armours a little bit in order to make them more offensive based and increased the Barrows armour a little bit to make them more defensive based.

They could also do this in every armour tier, have a set more towards being defensive based and a set being more offensive based, also making the culrimancer gloves representing each set fit into there somehow too.

Ofcourse not, making pures do everything mains can do is illogical haha. Basically pre-eoc you had the ability to be whatever you wanted in regards to builds, ie if you wanted to be pure dps, a pure build, for pvp then it was possible to do so because of the items available to you to give you that small bonus for dps.

As things stand now you simply cannot do that as there is no gear to specialise your build to make it somewhat effective as well as a lack of places to raise those skills you want to build your character around. An example of this is no armour gives an offensive bonus until you hit tier 70 for gwd armour.

In regards to places to train, pre-eoc had rock crabs which were great for everyone regardless of your build. Nowadays your forced into having a specific type of character just to get a decentish exp rate.

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