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A new death runescape system

The recent update where players risk to lose 20% charge on their degradeable Runescape Items, unless kept on death, is needless to say not very popular, and for good reasons. I'm going to name the problems this updates caused and share my opinion as to why they are bad, not in order to rant, but in order to try and fix them.

1. 20% charge loss for items like Nex armours, Drygores, PoP armours, etc.

Not a big deal money-wise for most players, but an annoyance nonetheless. Constant trips to Bob/POH, always making sure you have enough charges before bossing, being unable to continue a boss trip because of 100% degradation, always making sure to select the correct items when dying, etc.

Not a big deal at first sight, but these add up and overall make the game less fun, and most people play this game in order to have fun actually, I assume.

2. Prices of PvM loot went down significantly.

This is my biggest issue with this update, since it makes PvM less profitable, and sorry to say, but this time it's not only because of panic sellers. The prices will eventually go up again, but nowhere near what they used to be before this update.

It's quite simple and logical really, some players (a lot of them I assume) will stop using items like Torva Boots, Torva Gloves, and will instead use Steadfast, Pneumatic, or Bandos Boots/Gloves. Some will even replace their Pernix set with Armadyl, for example. Why do they do this? Because they want to avoid annoyances like the ones mentioned above. This will definitely have a long term impact on items, keeping them at a low price.

3. 10% degradation for Tectonic and Sirenic

Why? Why on Earth would you do that other than to annoy players? Item sink? These items are already sinkable! I’ve heard a lot of people saying that even though these armours degrade to dust, they are really good because they last almost forever. They don’t. 60K hits and the armour turns to dust. That’s not very much.

Of course this is usually an issue only when someone dies because of a disconnection or lag (whether the servers or the player’s PC/Internet connection are to blame, is completely irrelevant), and even when that happens, the Top and Bottom are usually kept automatically. But even so, if a Tectonic Mask costs 14M for example, one lag spike is all it takes, and congratulations you just lost 1.4M!

Again, why?

4. Lags and dc’s are costly.

I know I mentioned them earlier, but they are problematic for other armours as well. Let’s say you are hybridding at Nex, and you die on Zaros phase while Ranging with Pernix armour and Royal Crossbow. Because of one stupid lag spike or dc, instead of saving you Pernix and Rcb (since they are the ones affected), the game will automatically save your Torva and Drygores (since they are more expensive).

There you go, have fun paying for repairing your items, even though it’s not your fault.

5. Scrimshaws lose one hour charge.

Not a very big issue, but yet again, why? Other degradeable items lose max 20% charge, and these little things must lose 25% or 33% (depending if it’s a normal Scrimshaw or a Superior one)?

I've seen quite a lot of people encouraging others to get 92 Divination, as if it’s the solution to all the problems. Absolutely far from it. I won’t go into details, it should be pretty obvious by now as to why saving 1 more item helps very little (or sometimes not at all).

What I’m suggesting is very simple. Add another reward for completing Missing Presumed Death quest, where players can meet up with Death, and as a sign of gratitude, he will offer his special services to the players that have freed him during the quest.

What these special services should be:

1. 100% protection for all deagradeable items. This means that the degradeable items would still remain in the gravestone, like it is at the moment, but they won’t lose any charges.

2. Instant bless of gravestones (mostly in order to avoid issues if the servers experience difficulties for more than 15 minutes, for example).

This shouldn’t come free of course, what I suggest is a 100K fee for the protection service, and 50K for the bless service. These fees must be paid every time you wish to cash in the mentioned services. In other words, you'd have to pay 150K every time you die if you always want to use both services.

I've heard other ideas on my previous thread about making the price of the fee based on carried/risked/bank wealth. I’m not against them at all, but it makes things more complicated, and I prefer to keep it simple.

The way to do this would be to add a small icon on the item select interface (right after you die), where the players can contact Death and buy his service instantly. Furthermore, players can meet up with Death at his office (a graveyard or whatever it may be, perhaps the Wilderness) and pay for his services in advance, I suggest a limit of 10 services (of each) at a time.

If you buy any service in advance, they will have to be non-refundable, and automatically cashed in next time(s) you die. This would fix most of the problems when Runescape Gold players die because of technical issues.

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