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How best to get to 1 Billion RS 3 gold [08/29/2016]

I made my bank from one clue scroll, Shadow Dye, around 6 months ago. Spent some rs 3 gold on gear and skills, and here I am, 6 months later with 770m rs 3 gold left over. how best can I go about making that extra 230m (give or take 30m) so I can buy Third Age Melee?

How to log on two runescpae accounts in same world at one computer [08/21/2016]

Many people want to trade items from one runescape account to another, but jagex set rules that players are not allowed to log in same world at a computer for multiple accounts log on. Today i m telling everyone how to log on two runescape accounts in same world on 1 computer.

Runescape 3 Killing wolves Gold making guide [05/31/2015]

Runescape 3 Killing wolves Gold making guide, kill wolves, your loot is wolf bones, Use the Taverley lodestone get instanly banked.

Easy runescape 3 gold making guide for under combat level 80 [05/31/2015]

This is easy runescape 3 gold making guide can be used for most runescape players, no worry about combat level too low to make runescape gold, this guide for under combat level 80 users.

Runescape Pure Account train with quite less runescape gold [05/08/2015]

Here the guide teaches you the most efficient method to train Runescape pure account, with quite less cost, very useful and always works.

verification process help [03/26/2015]

verification process help

Runescape Queen Black Dragon [09/24/2014]

The Queen Black Dragon is among the best monsters to kill for the runescape gold.

Runescape Iron Make Mode Guide [09/11/2014]

I have so many ideas for Ironman! These are simply strategies I plan on using but they are not set in stone and are not in a particular order.

Runescape Penance King Guide [09/10/2014]

Round starts like normal, except the cannons are moved to the south-east and south-west corners of the room. There is a poisoned meat dispenser and item deposit at the west wall, and vents and anvil to the east.

Runescape Barbarian Training [09/02/2014]

Thanks for visiting the great realm of Barbarian Training. Barbarians, being an ancient race of RuneScape, have devised their very own techniques of skill training, that may be considered much better than our very own.

Runescape Money Making Guide-Hunting Polar Kebbits [08/21/2014]

It can be difficult to find the best way to make some quick money in Runescape. This Runescape money making guide will show you all of the best ways to make money with tons of different strategies and methods depending on your level and gear.

Runescape Money Making Guide-Hunting Grenwalls [08/10/2014]

This provides players with a list of ways to make money in RuneScape, along with the requirements, estimated profit per hour, and a guide explaining each method in detail.

How To Make Heist AFK-Free [08/07/2014]

Heist is a great minigame, but there is a huge problem. While there are quite some users of the minigame, there are not enough players who actually play the game: most users are AFK. This is a problem on two levels.

Runescape Pile Jumping Timer [08/01/2014]

Pile jumping is a method of player killing that involves taking advantage of a player who is potentially low on health, healing items and adrenaline, by attacking them after they have just been in a fight.

Runescape:1-99 Divination Training Guide [07/25/2014]

Divination is a gathering skill, and currently the newest skill in Runescape 3. I am currently ‘Forest Gumping’ this skill, so I thought I would make a guide to help others.

Most Anticipated Quests In Runescape [07/13/2014]

This is was created to gauge the community's most anticipated quests. Which future quests are you looking forward to the most? Why?

Eoc Was Basically Made To Modernise Runescape [07/06/2014]

EoC was basically made to modernise RuneScape. In doing so, it made any type of build rather redundant other than main type builds for PvE and PvP due to how tierscape is implented and in doing so has rather damaged the game.

Question on runescape authenticator [06/29/2014]

i mean is it a bad thing? to let a runescape player choose between the two? where is the problem in that of saying we recommend the authenticator!?! do you want to use this to help protect your runescape account?

How Combat Should Be Evolved In Runescape [06/29/2014]

Changing core mechanics isn't inherently bad if those core mechanics sucked. We had autoattacking, and once in a blue moon we got to do a silghtly stronger attack. Whoopdy-freaking-do.

The recent runescape game [06/21/2014]

There is an increasing number of runescape players who are growing tired of not being listened to, being ignored, having their game changed

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