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Just made a account to get a little gold for rs and I am amazed on all the features and service this site offers.
Got my old school currency within 10 seconds!!!!!! Amazing site! Will refer my buddies xD
5 minutes later after purchase, rs gold was on mail. Great stuff!
Thought was a hoax but highly and extreamly satisfied with the service will do again if low on osrs gold ^_^
Guest [04/11/2016]
A reliable site to buy rs gold.
Guest [03/11/2016]
Long-Term And Stable Inventory,Ensure Fast Delivery rs gold Within 5-15 Minutes. 2007runescapegold works hard to improve delivery times.
I have bought rs gold for a long time. Good as usual.
Ryan [30/10/2015]
I've bought gold before, but not from this site. I wanted to get some Darkscape gold, so I messaged them before I bought. They said they had it in stock and would deliver in 10 mins. From first coming to the site, to receiving the gold in game was less than 10 mins!! Also, the best price by far of any other sites. Perfect transaction!
bluedreaming [30/10/2015]
wow! very very fast, I recommend this website, every other website I have tried took so long, I am very satisfied
Edward Snowden [29/10/2015]
Great service, no bs, just wondering how to get coupons?

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