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You are once again confusing what a runescape gold sink is

An equation you keep misrepresenting as some failing of the system. As we concluded, it would take only 2000 accounts participating per raffle at a rate of 1 raffle per month and 1 rare per year and still leave a few hundreds of millions of gp in surplus. You're representing that as some impossible to acheive number, but that's all of 10% of the players online in RS3 at any given time. Considering it should be fairly obvious that not every single player is active at the same time or on the same days. This means that the percentage of player participation would be even lower than 10%. That's not an impossibility or even a difficult rate to reach by any means.

runescape gold sink

And on a second point, you are once again confusing what a runescape gold sink is. A rs gold sink is anything that net removes gp from the game. Yes, rares have high economic value associated with them, but they cannot readily be converted to new gp (unlike alchables). Rather, you have to exchange them for gp that is already in circulation (i.e. no gp is created). As such, unless the total value of the gp, alchables, and store sell value of every bank raffled off exceeds the gp spent on tickets, there will be a net removal of gp from the game, making it a gp sink.

I already explained this to you with the example of NPC shops which are gp sinks and item sources. And that remains true even when the gp spent on an item in these stores is worth less than its market value as no gp is actually created during player-player trades.

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Jagex will let you at some point use bonds to donate to charity [11/10/2016]

If Jagex were purely money grabbing they wouldn't have implemented the chance to redeem it for membership , spins or coins all of which require purchasing.

I do hope Jagex seriously takes these complaints to heart when making the package next year [11/08/2016]

If I had any influence over the decisions at Jagex, I would have kept rs gold the way it was last year, with same or a minor price hike.

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Indeed such a thing is in the Runescape Rules [10/23/2016]

the Wilderness in and of itself is the reason PvP has such a bad name in RS3. It isn't keeping it alive, its damning it due to its poor implementation, which again, I go over in detail in previous posts.

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In order for runescape to survive and thrive they need to be able to able to bring in new players. Runescape however is an intimidating game to start, especially if you do not have friends that play of even a slight familiarity with the game

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You are once again confusing what a runescape gold sink is [10/11/2016]

I'm not a skiller myself, I'm maxed in everything and don't enjoy skilling all that much, but, honestly, this is just a spit to the playerbase's faces.

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