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There are many integral problems of runescape that make PvP not really PvP

If you don't care about PvP or do not take it seriously enough or if you were one of those players who did not care about the pvp community on the launch of EoC and were glad that they were gone feel free to click the red X.

PvP should be taken seriously in development and should not just be blown off because the majority of players to not care about it.

I will be honest...I do not PvP at all (only in minigames) or take it seriously. What I mean is that I do not fight seriously or take my loses seriously because Runescape is just not made for PvP. There are many integral problems of runescape that make PvP not really PvP.

I want to try and point out these problems to explain why Bounty hunter and death match will ultimately fail...


One of biggest reasons why PvP will fail is because of the community itself. Players just simply do not want to risk their items that they have worked hard for.

Even if the PvP system was good and enjoyable, in order to have a decent chance you would have to pretty much bring end-game gear and noone wants to lose all of their hard work and time just because of a simple fight

There is also the mentality of the PvP community...I think Jagex needs to know the kind of players they are trying to please...

These players are the kind of players that ragequit when their health to their opponent's health is 50%-77%. Most of them are the kind of players that choose the long-range character, spam their attacks and when they win without losing health they message you "Good game"

This is not a troll it is actually serious. I even think Jagex already knows what the PvP community consists of. The update to the wilderness in an attempt to lure skillers who most likely will have no gear and will not be able to retaliate is proof enough. I think Jagex made the wildy skill update just FOR these players.

If the intended player group for PvP does not actually want REAL, difficult strifes, then how do they expect the future update to even be good for them?

It is not just the PvP community that has a deep problem such as this. The majority of players do not like PvP, so they could care less about it...Even though their dislike for PvP is kind of justified, that does not mean Jagex should not try and make it better...

Ultimately, the players need to be willing to risk to make PvP work. But if noone wants to risk and bring decent gear then fights will just be a joke and that is part of the problem.

If Jagex makes the PvP system decent, but noone wants to play because of the reasons stated above...How is PvP ever going to work?


I think the main problem of why players do not want to risk their gear is that defence is a complete joke.

You even hear of players STILL using void for high level PvM...

You can bring t90 gear and be beaten by t70...defence does nto do enough, especially with the pathetic amount of hitpoints we have...All it takes is three or even two abilities to kill someone and that's it...It should not be like that and should never have been like that...

Who wants to risk their bank knowing that they could possibly be finished so easily?

Armour has such a laughable effect on PvP...Hitpoints are so abysmal that the extra damage reduction from armour is otiose.

I think Jagex does not know how to make defence worth using at all...I think it should be its own style, like a defensive play style...However, with the updates that they are doing now(Telos) it seems as if they are going towards making defence like an extra or a support skill...Not nesseccary or essential to have.

If armour does not do enough or contributes enough to player versus player then why should players have it anyway? Why should players risk top end gear when t70 is good enough?

Fights are too short and players just simply do not live long enough to justify the risk.

Even with all I have said about issues there is one overwhelming problem in PvP that unfortunately will never be fixed...

RANDOM NUMBER GENERATION think RNG makes PvP a complete joke and not worth doing...

This is pretty much the reason why someone in t70 could possibly easily kill someone in t90

You have to realize that PvP victory is not soley or even mostly due to player skill...Most of it is just luck, things that you have no control over.

Imagine if the fighting game that you played depended on RNG like RS does right now...It would not even deserve to be called a fighting game-honestly RNG ROBBES you of any skill, reward, or gratification you get from fighting. RNG is the reason why I do not take PvP seriously.

You can be as skilled as possible with how limited Indivdual player influence has on the game, especially in pvp, and still be egregiously defeated.

The main thing Jagex needs to do is make PvP less RNG and consequently less luck dependent.

However, that is not really possible...for obvious reasons...


Obviously, a lot of problems are out of Jagex's control...I think that players will not do the content because of their own faults, not because the content will be bad, however, they will be half of the reason PvP will die.

I honestly think PvP has never existed...In the wilderness you could run away if you were getting the feeling that you could be outmatched(equivalent of rage quitting) and the would be winner would have wasted their time and supplies if that happens(which happens frequently).

In old BH(2006) it was a lot harder for players to run away from a battle. Pretty much if you were in a fight you had to fight or die. THAT is how PvP SHOULD have been from the very beginning. The wilderness is not the place for PvP.

As to the issuse of defence and RNG...I think the best solution is to make PvP more enjoyable...when players are fighting, there needs to a sense of "what I do matters a lot; my own actions are, for the most part, why I won or lost." There needs to be that...satisfied feeling.

My suggestion will sound absurd but. I think for bounty hunter players should be given start out with 100k hp and not be allowed to bring familairs.

By giving players 100k hp, you(Jagex) would make defence matter more(as well as absorbtion), you would not have the ridiculous 2hit tactic that is probably the reason that players do not want to bring out their best gear. Players will get more out of their gear, so this will entice them to risk more

The battles would be less RNG dependent because the longer the battle lasts the more you have to think about what you are going to do and how out will get the most damage out of your rotation.

Instead of depending on getting lucky with an ultimate they will have to think.

I think this also will make players feel more satisfied with the fights they have, because they will not get a lucky KO.

If you are going to be a serious player killer, you should be willing to invest a lot of time and a lot of effort into killing someone. Not the garbage that you handle now...

-The goal should be to make PvP as "skill" or player dependent as possible-

This is why familars should be banned from any sort of PvP activity.

I was considering banning food from BH for this reason as well...

But I think it will not have as significant as role if both players start out with 100k hp at the start of a fight. It would just be there classified as a useful item that is not absolutely nesseccary.

There is yet another problem...with Deathmatch...


It was said that you would get credit or some points for assisting in kills...This will not work, it will be broken, and it will be so abysmal, that no one will think that supporting kills is even worth it and players will not help eachother...

The reason I think the assist system or...points...will be an egregious blunder is because the support role does not exist in Runecape at all...

The ways in which we can help eachother are impractical and restrictive(Ruby aura,prisims,shield dome) that you are better off not using them...they even hurt you more than help you

Or that their effects are so meager that they have no significant effect on the outcome or result in a decent net positive(vengeance, healother, emerald aura, intercept)

You do not even get any credit for helping your teammates. In Stealing Creation, you can heal your teammate or intercept and get no points for doing so...There is no incentive, and even if there were, the risk would not justify the benefit.

You(Jagex) cannot even make assisting count or be of any significance in friendly PvP then how do you expect to have decent assist system in Deathmatch?

Things like the above will not even give you any credit, even though they should.

Things like leeching the enemies adrenaline, stats, or runenergy will probably not count, even though they aid in the death of the enemy.

Jagex creates methods of assisting, but do not even facilitate them if at all.

Damage that is healed should grant points. Damage that is negated and reduced should be worth points( A player casting shield dome should get points equivalent to the amount of damage they reduce for other players).

Damage that is tanked through intercept should grant points. Damage that is reduced by provoke should grant points.

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