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The opportunity to view RS3 as a truly new game

You could always keep your main and run Legacy as Hopeinen suggested, and then create a new runescape account that uses EoC that you go through all the quests and skills again (at your own comfortable pace) so you can re-experience the game as it is now. For an added challenge, you could make your rs accounts an ironman account, but I only recommend that if you REALLY love challenge or have the time to truly dedicate yourself to two separate accounts. I definitely don't recommend creating a hardcore ironman account unless you have a lot of time or are prepared for massive loss.

A lot of things have changed since you played last, sure, but not enough to make resuming on your current account unfeasible. You could even just take your current main account and not play any other rs3 accounts if you'd like. EoC isn't too difficult to learn, especially if you've played other MMOs with similar action bar systems, and the new interface that came with RS3 can be customized to however you'd like it to be (including to make it look similar to the pre-RS3 interface). In terms of clients, I definitely recommend using NXT if you can, because it offers better performance on most systems, with DRASTICALLY improved graphical capability (seriously, as a 12-year veteran of the game, it makes my hair stand on edge). I'd also recommend trying to get the skills necessary to enter Prifddinas if you don't already have them, as it's an excellent high-level training area and hub, plus the graphics are rather beautiful.

Either way, welcome back! My PM is always on so you can message me if you need some help with any of the new stuff.

To the people asking why the OP might start over: think about it, if you've been gone from the game that long, it might be worthwhile starting a new runescape account just to get the full experience of playing the game as it is now rather than focusing just on nostalgia. Starting over with a clean slate gives the opportunity to view RS3 as a truly new game rather than just a game that has been updated over the course of many years.It takes a little time to get used to but if you're patient and learn it, it can be very fun to play.

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