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Soul Split Has Been Overlooked In Runescape

I believe Soul Split has been overlooked with the Legacy updates among others that went live Monday. 

Basically, Soul Split wasn't touched, at all. It has stayed relatively the same. Which is the problem. With Soul Split staying the same, we still heal as much as we were healing before, the problem is that we now have a higher base HP, monsters hit higher and some even more accurate making them hit more consistently. 

This means that it will take more damage for us to heal a considerable amount, or even enough to heal from half health back to full health.

Soulsplit was indirectly nerfed.Runescape Player health was scaled up, and to compensate, monsters now do more damage.Effectively, this means increased player health isn't a player buff - just something that normalized differences in armor tiers.Now, player damage (which is what Soulsplit is based off of) has remained (relatively) unchanged.So, you have more health, enemies are dealing more damage, but Soulsplit is healing about the same as it has been.Soul Split heals proportionally less than it did pre-update - noticeably so.

What I believe needs to happen is Soul Split needs a small buff. Not a huge one to completely make it overpowered, just back to how it was before the updates Monday 14th July.

Too long;DR I honestly believe that Soul Split was in a great shape before the updates last Monday, however because of the updates, Soul Split has been overlooked and doesn't feel like much of an accomplishment to get anymore, nor does it feel useful at all.

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