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Runescape skill resets

With the results of the recent combat level poll bringing back a 138-based formula in the future, we’re exploring options for giving limited skill resets for players that want them. As part of investigating this topic, I’d really love to get your thoughts and feedback.

To give some background… with Evolution of Combat the old style of “pure” accounts were made redundant. For those that aren’t aware, pures are specialist character builds which purposefully kept certain skills low level, such as “skill pures” who avoided any combat-oriented skills especially prayer or constitution, or “combat pures” who often kept defence to a minimum. After Evolution of Combat’s release, many people who’d built pure accounts started training the skills they’d previous avoided. With a return to a 138-based combat formula, it will be plausible for players to want to resume playing as pures, and may want to rollback certain skill levels they’ve since starting training again.

It is also worth saying that Jagex has never officially supported pures; especially as it encourages players to avoid otherwise enjoyable content. That said, we do appreciate some players like building specialist characters, and want to assess some options for allowing players to resume their old play style, ahead of a future combat level formula change.
Runescape skill resets
Our current thoughts are to offer the following features:

Rollback packages – We’d offer a set of account alterations for rolling back a specific skill to 0xp. This would not just reset a certain skill but also remove any unlocks for which that skill was a requirement, such as quests or reward items. This is so we do not end up with accounts with content unlocked but prerequisites not met. We would consider rollback packages for at least Prayer, Constitution, Defence and Summoning skills. Some degree of extra security or authorisation would be required to activate this feature.

XP Blocking – Players could choose to block receiving XP in certain skills. When active, this would make the game effectively ignore any XP earned in a certain skill, including XP from quest rewards. This addresses our primary concern with pure play-styles, which force players to avoid certain content they’d otherwise benefit from. It also avoids the chronic problem of players accidentally getting XP in a skill they didn’t mean to, which caused a lot of upset for players and strain on our customer support teams.

Please note that these are not definite commitments but just our current ideas – we’re talking about this to get your feedback, rather than announcing features.

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