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Runescape is still popular on twitch is a live game play show for most popular games, in nowdays, league of legends is the most popular game here, and then counter-strike,  hearthstore, dota2, and runescape is on rank 10, even this game has 16 years history, it is still one of the most atractive mmorpg game.

why is runescape fun for you?

RS is fun because well first of all I grew up with this game, I have met great friends there and known them for 10 years and even become real life friends with some of them. I don't want to say I love EoC, because I don't love evolution of combat, I love Runescape. I Liked it before and I like it now. I'm not changing to 2007 because I

don't feel like trying maxed total again and to be honest the nostalgia already has weared off from my part, and I got 2,5bil bank in the current RS. So basically I just like to see my "perfect" account in RS and be "proud" of what I have achieved. I enjoy keeping my account having Completionist cape. I would play 2007 Runescape if I had seriously fun there, but I just don't. So don't judge me because I don't play the version you like. You should only play a game you enjoy, which is also becoming a reason I'm dropping a lot of hours I put to runescape daily, because there are a lot of other games to play and have fun with.

I make money by play this game, I 've sold over 3b Runescape gold to gamerluck, and earned 5K USD. how did i sell 3b rs gold? the answer is Stake, but i don't recommend you guys stake unless you are Pro staker on this. stake is as gample, its terrible, and would destroy your bank value, and huge lose if you are new in runescape.I earlier posted the danger of the game gamble, you deserve to reat it.

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Jagex will let you at some point use bonds to donate to charity [11/10/2016]

If Jagex were purely money grabbing they wouldn't have implemented the chance to redeem it for membership , spins or coins all of which require purchasing.

Runescape does not mean the recipient will definitely be RWTing with that gold [11/09/2016]

If a friend of mine asked me to swap gold with them via team speak for example id see no problem doing it because its someone i know..

I do hope Jagex seriously takes these complaints to heart when making the package next year [11/08/2016]

If I had any influence over the decisions at Jagex, I would have kept rs gold the way it was last year, with same or a minor price hike. Provides the Runescape Gold at a Cheap Price [11/05/2016]

With these, players can get cheap game products such as OSRS Gold, Runescape Accounts. This time, the campaign of the Cheap Runescape Gold has been hugely successful.

Cheap Runescape Gold Is Now Available With [10/25/2016]

Players can buy OSRS Gold, Runescape Items, Runescape 2007 Gold and Runescape Accounts online at the best price point as well, if this particular store is selected.

How the initial plan for the rework addressed the profitability point brought up in the Runescape dev diary [10/24/2016]

as this is the most basic form of these armors, I would not be against it if they had been fairly short-lived, degrade to dust items suited mostly for welfare gear (automatically sinking them, and creating a niche for their use)

Indeed such a thing is in the Runescape Rules [10/23/2016]

the Wilderness in and of itself is the reason PvP has such a bad name in RS3. It isn't keeping it alive, its damning it due to its poor implementation, which again, I go over in detail in previous posts.

I don't think runescape is dieing [10/17/2016]

In order for runescape to survive and thrive they need to be able to able to bring in new players. Runescape however is an intimidating game to start, especially if you do not have friends that play of even a slight familiarity with the game

Beginners novice tasks of Cheap Runescape Gold [10/15/2016]

When the adventurer Guxikesi to follow when talking to reshape the world, as much as Cheap Runescape Gold also proficient in digital gods forces struck down by hundreds of elite nothingness Knight, Druid, and a few balancing the elements came to it front to stop it.

You are once again confusing what a runescape gold sink is [10/11/2016]

I'm not a skiller myself, I'm maxed in everything and don't enjoy skilling all that much, but, honestly, this is just a spit to the playerbase's faces.

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