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Runescape Wall of Distaste Below

Jagex recently added a new runescape item to the game via Treasure Hunter aka Squeal of Fortune called Silverhawk boots.

These boots give agility xp, for not training agility.
I've seen people using them doing bonfires, training combat, etc...
Why were silver hawk boots implemented this way Jagex ingame advantage xp selling Mods? These boots are arguably game breaking.

Ok, so some people don't like training agility, well why don't you Mods actually put some effort into RuneScape and rework agility, add a mini game, etc etc etc. I think heist gives ridiculous amounts of bonus xp, but at least its in the game and not xp sold for dollars and pounds like silverhawk boots.

Why didn't you release an agility xp outfit that was consistent with the other skilling items: blacksmith, 1st age, artisan, etc etc etc? Why this blatant xp selling scheme?

This latest update is disgusting. You changed summoning for a weekend purely to sell an ingame advantage on SOF. The charms on SOF were superior to the gems obtainable in game. They still are by the way considering sapphire, ruby, and emerald are dropped by monsters and the higher gems only obtainable via SOF. This is selling in game advantage.

Treasure Hunter is a significant part of your profits, cool I understand that. But please don't add stuff like this in the future. bonus xp that requires training is one thing but items like these boots that can be used to get better xp than actually training a skill are pretty sad.

I would ask that after this weekend the silverhawk boots, feathers be completely removed from Treasure Hunter and never added back again. They are clearly selling xp and completely devalue agility. XP suits that go to 5% would be one thing but these have hit a whole new level of suck and shame.
- remove boots, feathers from Treasure Hunter after weekend permanently
- re-evaluate what you put on TH in the future

You should have to actually train agility to get agility experience.

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